1. DeathHand

    MX: 2 Shot Dead (2018)

    Abducted and executed by gunshots to the head. Tonalá, Mexico, October 14, 2018. 1. 2. 3.
  2. snatch

    more cartel overkill

  3. Venom

    Mexican drug cartel leader Shot

    I'll do the translation later, basically there asking who he is, and what he does, I expected more from the video, especially with the black bag in the background, guy got off easy, was hoping for some outstanding torture :(
  4. K

    Drug Cartel Salad

    I think it's French dressing they're using.
  5. Venom

    Video of a dead tortured cartel member

    There just mocking him
  6. SicMonster666

    cartels New Video Los Zetas behead 3 Gulf Cartel members

    New video showing the beheading of 3 Gulf cartel members by Los Zetas in retaliation for the beheading of several members of them by the Gulf Cartel that came out last week. Here we go again, many more video's to come.
  7. KingSlayer

    Cartel Hanged One From a Bridge

    A rival cartel member was brutally killed. They strung him from a bridge to set an example that nobody fucks with them. Fuck with us and end up as a city ornament.
  8. Venom

    11 cartels members decapitated

    And they were set on fire.
  9. D.O.A.

    GG video Brutal cartel beheading

    D.O.A. published a new article: Video link.
  10. Venom

    cartels Cartel Drive by Quick video, great music, click on link go to the last video with the yellow 300c, wish they would have a better job recording.
  11. D.O.A.

    GG video Mexican cartel executes a woman

    D.O.A. published a new article: Check it out...
  12. S

    Mexican Cartel behead 15 year old
  13. C

    cartels Cartel Execution Of A Kneeling Woman
  14. Venom

    GG video Cartel del Golfo Torture, Shoot & Behead Zetas Cartel Member

    First they shoot the poor bastard then off with his head. I tried to post the video but couldn't so I put the link up. I apologize
  15. Ghost of Online

    cartels Cartel member violently beheads female & tries to twist head off

    Man they usually are pretty calm about beheading. This guy seemed angry. Btw first thread. Hooray? :shrug:
  16. holyblacksun

    Three Men Executed by Knights Templar Cartel

    The bodies of three executed males where found in front of a warehouse in the city of Apatzingan, Michoacan. The three men presented brutal signs of torture and all three had a large knife embedded in their chest. Next to the bodies there was a message that read, "Men live or die according to...
  17. V

    Family of Three Murdered by Cartel

    Depicted here are a mother in her mid 30's and her two children, a teenage son and a teenage daughter. The husband/father of the family had some sort of Cartel ties and his wife and children were executed as a result. The mother is on the far right. She had been suffocated to death and...
  18. Ramirez-Dahmer-Bundy

    Bloody corpse of the head of a Mexican drug cartel

    Covered in dollars, pesos, rosaries and his blood, “Jefe de jefes” Arturo Beltran Leyva–La Muerte–the head of the Beltran Leyva cartel lies dead following a two-hour tiroteo with a combined force of 200 Mexican marines, Navy special forces and army soldiers in an air-and-ground assault on a...
  19. max_gain

    Caring Cartel Commander with his family, showing an average days work

    The caring side of Mexican Cartel commander know as "Cherry" is shown whilst he's out with his family. Then just another day in the office........
  20. samoth

    cartels Several cartel executions

    I don't understand Spanish, so I can't tell each story behind executions, but it doesn't mean we can't enjoy the videos ;)
  21. C_R

    GG video Cartel Member Beat With a Baseball Bat (Thermal Imaging Camera)

    C_R published a new article: Check it out...
  22. XiiVa_Br

    Cutting the head of the cartel members
  23. Hel

    cartels Help finding a Cartel/Mexican related video clip

    There was a video on liveleak with a woman being suffocated that have since been removed, I wondered if anyone have the video clip(I tried looking for it but couldn't find anything) video description: Naked woman tied to chair is tortured by rival cartel members by covering her face with a...
  24. Dany56

    cartels Mexican Drug Cartel Execution : Warning : GRAPHIC

    That Narco Blog guy down there is getting a little bold lately , he better be more careful of those Cartels . The guy got is Cock and Balls Cut Off and then behead... Must see... The video quality is not very good sorry...
  25. DeathHand

    Mexican Mayhem (Non Cartel)

    Pics of Death and Mayhem out of Mexico that are non-Cartel related. 1. Woman goes to pay ransom for kidnapped niece. The criminals take the $ and then shoot them both. Zapata, MX, June 2012. 2. Passenger run over by the bus he was just on after it had been hijacked and robbed. After the...
  26. b2ux

    Drug Cartel dismemberment

  27. Jon E(vil)

    cartels Zeta cartel aftermath video

    Two shirtless young men were decapitated and dismembered into quarters. The video depicts the aftermath, the cameraman picks one of the heads. B.B. here.
  28. Massenvernichtungwaffen

    cartels Drug cartels using pigs as Zetas

    This video is completely fucked and I don't really understand what the hell is going on, any mexicans in here?
  29. Massenvernichtungwaffen

    cartels New video of drug cartels cutting heads off (must see)

    With sound... at maximum volume!
  30. inappropriate behavior

    cartels Mexican Cartel Baseball Bat Beating....brutal!

    I think some members on this forum could use a good beating... :rofl:
  31. noobishnubs

    Gore Classic ChainSaw Beheading Mexico Cartel

    :5stars::5stars::5stars::5stars::5stars::5stars::5stars::5stars::5stars::5stars::5stars: I re-posted this because i noticed it had been removed from the previous link. Warning this is very graphic. Do Not Watch If You Have a Weak Stomach...
  32. noobishnubs

    cartels Mans face ripped of by Cartel...Aftermath...

    Doctors examining this poor fool who decided to cross the cartel... Cmon now mate, show them pearly whites:gahh: :happytears: ...lulz
  33. Eat Shit And Die

    cartels THIS is why you Dont Invite Members of a Mexican Drug Cartel to a Party

    (5 Prostitutes and 1 Male Shot to Death..3 Survivors) All under 25 years old, the home was functioning as a whorehouse.
  34. some guy

    cartels Gulf cartel beheadings fun starts at 9:15
  35. KingElvis

    cartels Mexican Cartel Soup
  36. C_R

    Gulf Cartel & The Zetas

    Several gunmen killed 17 people. Media reports indicate that there were at least 10 and perhaps as many as 18 others injured in the attack. One of several acts of violence between the drug trafficking orgasnisations known as the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas.
  37. C_R

    Santiago Lizarra Ibarra aka El Chaguin - Beltran Leyva Cartel Leader

    On April 12 of 2010 Santiago Lizarra Ibarra, also known as "El Chaguin" and presumed head of the Beltran Leyva Cartel in Mazatlan was killed by the Mexican Federal Police. It is believed he abducted one of Nacho Coronel's sons, and that was enough reason to be followed and being taken cared...
  38. C_R

    Cartel Warning

    Male who was tortured and had his fingers cut off, was sent away with them in his mouth.
  39. C_R

    Cartel Hits 6 In A Van

    (2010) Brutal.
  40. Yabaw

    cartels Cartel Member is FULLY Dismembered on Camera Cut him up quick, chop chop.
  41. DeadZone

    cartels Cartel Fly tipping on a road in Mexico