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  1. mr_gutsy_

    Mentally ill girl pushes woman off building

    A shocking incident has come to light with the help of CCTV camera in Kothurud area of Pune. In this, a minor mentally ill girl, another woman who is mentally ill, is imprisoned while pushing her from the second floor of the building. The 13-year-old minor pushed the 33-year-old woman and killed...
  2. Lol Dongs

    CCTV of Long Island Plane Crash

  3. Lol Dongs

    Truck crushes mechanic

    I think the jack must have failed.
  4. Lol Dongs

    Psychiatric Patient Steals a Guards Gun and Kills Himself

    Not a graphic video, but please move to the gore forum if necessary. "The man, who, apparently, was a psychiatric patient, according to information from the authorities, took the gun from the guard of the residential complex and shot himself in the forehead. " More backstory here >>>> En...
  5. Unemployed & Fatherless

    Psycho Cat Attack

    Nearly pulls his strides off too :lulz:
  6. Unemployed & Fatherless

    Woman Knocked Unconscious for Taking a Piss

    Happened in Vitória da Conquista, Brazil.
  7. Unemployed & Fatherless

    Biker Body-slams into Lamppost

    I can't work out why he was leaning like that? Slow-mo / close up added.
  8. Lovingit

    Creepy Moment 'ghost' Walks Past Home CCTV Camera in Viral Reddit Clip (video)

    Reddit users have been left perplexed by a video claiming to show a ghost walking past a home. The spooky clip shows the dark scene of a homeowner’s driveway at night. Suddenly, a hazy white object slowly moves across the scene. It momentarily moves out of focus before appearing once more...