civil war

  1. Punisher_1

    Tranny troubles

    So this fucking wacko is calling for violence because this man wants to use the same bathroom as women and little girls. It is a response from Fathers telling the trans dudes to stay the fuck out of the bathroom when kids are present. Like my previous post on this topic things are escalating on...
  2. DeathHand

    War Dead Al-Nusra Fighters in Syria (2014 Flashback)

    Currently we have war gore from the ten month old Russian invasion of the Ukraine but from about 2013 to around 2017 this, along with ISIS and al-Qaeda, was our war gore: al-Nusra's Syrian jihadists vs Bashar al-Assad's Syrian regime during the Syrian Civil war. For those not familiar with this...
  3. SkinFaceMask

    It's possible

    I believe the U.S Government as a collective, is preparing for civil unrest, and also promoting it. The Democrats are moving migrants around the country with planes and buses, as we know. Republicans are "countering" this by also moving migrants around. (Most recently, Martha's Vineyard.") Most...
  4. Ivan Drago

    War Mixed Civil War Death (Some Images Are Of Children)

    This albumen print stereograph shows the bodies of two (2) deceased Confederate soldiers lying in front of a fence on the battlefield at Antietam, Maryland. A piece of clothing or a blanket lies in the right foreground. The print is mounted on yellow cardboard with a rounded square frame and a...
  5. FrogOne

    El Salvador Civil War(1980s)

    Pictures of the war in El Salvador that took ~75 000 souls