1. slickrick27

    bizarre Zuckerberg called creepy in court

  2. Cold Ethyl

    Revenge-seeking son shoot dad’s accused killer six times, pistol-whip him in courtroom

    Cristiano Alves Terto, 27, was seen unloading six shots at Francisco Cleidivaldo Mariano De Moura, 38, during a jury session for his father’s murder trial in São José do Belmonte, Brazil, according to CNN Brasil. Footage from inside the courtroom depicts Terto bolting toward the front with a...
  3. Bethy 🔥

    fights Las Vegas Judge Attacked In Court

  4. Donkeyd

    Crime Escape from courtroom

  5. Jessica Fletcher. 🍳

    Even PeeWee Herman has standards.

  6. bushybram

    bizarre Amber Heard Keeping Her Nose Clean

    In court, on the stand, blowing blow in her nose. A sly bump won't hurt, it's not like anyone's watching.
  7. Lips_of_Anubis

    Anyone been following the Derek Chauvin trial? (George Floyd murder trial)

    I’ve been live streaming the trial on YouTube, listening at work/home/driving. i definitely have my opinions after hearing 13 days of testimony. What are yours? Do you think he murdered Floyd? I am not asking if it matters if he killed George of the Jungle, just if you think that cop is guilty...