1. MR.Tgorelover

    Tesla Crashes in Autopilot Mode

    One reason why I don’t trust technology... A Tesla being driven in autopilot mode in Moscow crashed into a tow truck on a highway. The father and son in the Tesla managed to escape, but the Tesla was an inferno within seconds. LINK It does not show the crash just the explosion!
  2. artnicesnazgul

    After collision young woman dies by hitting her head in the ground

    The episode occurred in a small town in Brazil.
  3. SicMonster666

    Thai biker all twisted up

    Thai man is mangled beyond repair after losing control of his motorcycle.
  4. cadaver1

    Bus crash in Bolivia kills several

    Deadly head-on bus crash in Bolivia kills 17 people | theYNC
  5. 0111011000111

    Too stubern for his own damn good ( Heli Crash at Cop station )

    Heli Bounce Click here<---
  6. A

    Woman Gets Eyeliner Pencil Stuck in Her Eye While Doing Makeup in a Taxi

    This is the moment a woman was left with an eyeliner pencil lodged in her eye after the taxi she was travelling in slammed into a truck while she was putting on her make-up. The passenger, in her 20s, was sitting in the back of the cab in a slow-moving traffic jam in Bangkok, Thailand, and...
  7. deadleather

    Instagram Celebrity and Motorcyclist Dies in Crash

    "The accident occurred at about 10:30 a.m. Saturday, with Carrion traveling east of Morrell Canyon, according to the California Highway Patrol. She was unable to make a curve because of her speed and veered off of the road before being thrown from the bike and killed, the CHP said. Picturesque...
  8. DeathHand

    2 Scooter Booters Down

    Sometime at night these two dudes on a scooter slammed into a heavy equipment trailer being hauled by a slow moving tractor. They died in each others arms. Kao, Thailand, Oct. 30, 2016. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  9. eumesmo

    girl got serious face injury

  10. SicMonster666

    70-year-old man smashed by bus

    Happened in Thailand. All the info i got.
  11. DeathHand

    SUV vs Scooter Booters

    Three scooters had come to a stop behind a tractor trailer that was hauling a pavement roller. An SUV, or Jeep, came up behind and apparently didn't realize they were stopped and rammed into the scooters. Four died on the spot. Penampang, Malaysia, Dec. 17, 2014. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6...
  12. DeathHand

    Scooter Mom 'n Kids Dead

    A truck slammed into a group of scooter-booters and among the dead was a mother and her three children. Somewhere deep in Nigeria, June 6, 2016. 1. Knarly body twist... 2. I don't think that this dude was one of her kids... 3. 4.
  13. DeathHand

    Nigeria Car Mash-Up

    These photos are of a collision that occurred when a truck lost control and slammed head-on into a car. All six occupants of the car were killed. Nigeria, March 29, 2016. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  14. DeathHand

    Crash n' Burn

    A tanker and a bus met head on resulting in the tanker erupting into flames and engulfing the little bus in flames. In total 18 people were burned to a crisp. Jos, Nigeria, March 6, 2016. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Someone ain't having no fun...
  15. DeathHand

    Guy Lands Under Truck

    Trying to decipher and decode the Jamaican version of English can be difficult even at the best of times. So I'm not sure if this dude was the driver and jumped from his truck after it started to tipped or if he was a passenger.. Two other guys that stayed in the cab of the truck survived...
  16. Yumisan

    Inside video of a bus crash

    China, authorities have released footage showing the moments of a crash of a passenger bus turning over late last month, killing one person and injuring 13 others. Based on a preliminary investigation, the police have said that the accident was caused because the road was mucky and slippery.
  17. DeathHand

    S. Sudan Cargo Plane Crash

    Cargo Plane Crashes in South Sudan A Russian-built cargo plane with passengers on board crashed on Wednesday after taking off from the airport in South Sudan's capital, killing dozens of people, witnesses said. An official said three people on board survived. The precise death toll was not...
  18. DeathHand

    S. Sudan Cargo Plane Crash

    A Russian made Antonov-12 B turbo prop cargo plane carrying cargo and passengers crashed just after take-off. Dozens of passengers were killed, including the crew. Atleast 3 people (an elderly woman, a young man and an infant baby) survived the crash. The full news story is HERE in the World...
  19. D.O.A.

    Crash at Bathurst 2015

    Car race in Oz. Dude survived.
  20. Celtic Lad

    Frank dies in motorbike crash

    Francisco Marcelo Teixeira de Lira age 39 left his mothers home on his motorbike and shortly afterwards was found dead at the side of the road. Police at the scene suspect he hit a shredded tire that was on the road and the bike left the road and crashed into the verge - killing Frank.
  21. Andrew Newman

    Supercars Crash Compilation

    When Rich People Do Stupid Things ^^
  22. DeathHand

    2 Women Die Scooter Crash

    Not really sure what happened here: two women on different scooters collided, 2 women on same scooter hit by another scooter or a car... But the two women did dieded for sure. Kanchanaburi, Thailand, September 26, 2015. 1. 2. Nice aprons... 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. There were a few other...
  23. DeathHand

    Hubby & Wifey Dead In Crash

    I ran a search but couldn't find a thread on these images. But please post a link if I did miss an OP. So these two are cruising down some highway and the dude decides to try and pass a slower car. Once he pulled out there was a truck coming directly at him. The car was split in half, spitting...
  24. DeathHand

    Pilot Crashes & Dies

    Sorry, I wasn't sure what else to call this thing. If anyone knows please post :) Whatever it was, or is, it went and crashed killing the pilot uninstantly and nicely folding his body up in the little wreck. Rescuers did give the man CPR but he died after they got him to the hospital. Muang...
  25. Dr. Gauner

    Dead Driver Lay Top Of His Truck

    Back on 7th September in Brazil, a truck driver crashed his vehicle leaving behind an interesting scene. From the damage seen, it looks to have come off the road and fallen down a steep slope.
  26. DeathHand

    4 Die In Fiery Crash

    This car went out of control, crashed and then ignited. One person died outside of the car while the other 3 burned to death inside it. Nasty way to go... Santa Quitéria, Brazil, September 6, 2015 1. 2. 3. I have no idea what's up with the shirtless dude... 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  27. Nex

    Bus tour crash - Thailand

    One passenger was killed and 19 others injured when a tour bus carrying people on a merit-making trip to a temple in Kalasin, Thailand overturned in the northeastern province’s Na Khu district on Monday. Police said the force of the impact killed a 60-year-old woman. Nineteen other people were...
  28. DeathHand

    Car Lands In Pond

    The pics go back a few years but I haven't seen them on the boards. They show the wreck of a Lada, whose driver lost control and the car flipped into a roadside pond upside down. All three occupants drowned. One photo shows 4 bodies laid out on the side of the road - the press release stated 3...
  29. DeathHand

    Woman's Face Demolished

    This scene was the result of an accident that occurred when 3 young men and 1 woman, who had just committed a robbery, were trying to escape and ended up causing a collision between 3 other vehicles. The woman in the vid was a victim in one of the other vehicles and managed to survive her...
  30. DeathHand

    Youths Flattened in Crash

    After some partying at a club, 3 guys and 3 gals, all local college students, headed home. The driver of their car attempted to pass a slower vehicle. He gets into the oncoming traffic lane and damn, there's a big bus facing them with nowhere else to go. Patience is a virtue. Impatience is...
  31. Maniac

    200 km/h crash test.

    That's 124 miles per hour for the record.
  32. Damo0666

    Shoreham Air Show Crash 22nd August 2015

    The first victims of the Shoreham Air Show crash tragedy have been named. Matthew Grimstone and Jacob Schilt - both reserve players for Worthington United FC - died along with personal trainer, Matt Jones, 24. Matthew and Jacob were on their way to play Loxwood FC at Worthing's Robert Albon...
  33. FapKoЯn

    Motorcycle Crash Footage after the accident happened. Some guys riding a motorcycle collided face to face with a vehicle. Broken legs and Badly injured man trying to get up. Location (According to source) : Bangga Bagul, Abada Road...
  34. DeathHand

    Trigana Air Plane Crash

    Indonesian rescuers find no survivors in wreckage of crashed plane Tue Aug 18, 2015 8:42am EDT All 54 people on board a Trigana Air aircraft were killed in a crash two days ago in Indonesia's Papua province, the latest in a string of aviation disasters in the Southeast Asian archipelago...
  35. Andrew Newman

    Car Crashes Into Pole

  36. DeathHand

    Chick Died in Crash

    This young lady was riding on a scooter-bike with a male companion when they crashed with a pickup truck. He lived while she had her cranium cracked open. She was the only fatality. Saraburi, Thailand, August 9, 2015 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  37. CareeningCorpse

    Baby Survives Crash Parents Don't

    An accident in Brazil leaves a child orphaned. Volume warning.
  38. DeathHand

    A Few Chicks Die In Crash

    Several people died in this crash, including a few women... Sagamu, Nigeria, June 28, 2015 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  39. holyblacksun

    Car crashed frontal into a bus & leaves 6 PPL dead in Manaus [Brazil]

    An accident involving a car and a bus on Wednesday [July 22, 2015] resulted in the deaths of six people. According to information from the Municipal Institute of Engineering and Inspection of Traffic (Manaustrans), the collision occurred in Margarita Avenue, North Zone of Manaus - AM, around...
  40. holyblacksun

    Car crashed frontal into a bus & leaves 6 PPL dead in Manaus July 22, 2015 [Brazil]

    An accident involving a car and a bus on Wednesday [July 22, 2015] resulted in the deaths of six people. According to information from the Municipal Institute of Engineering and Inspection of Traffic (Manaustrans), the collision occurred in Margarita Avenue, North Zone of Manaus - AM, around...
  41. K

    Vintage Car Crashes

  42. Celtic Lad

    Many Chicks Killed in Crash

    Many chicks died when the lorry they were traveling in was involved in a head on crash with a motorbike - and they were thrown onto the road. The driver of the motorbike, 49 yr old Agenor Slovinski, was also killed. His motorbike was shredded by the force of the impact.
  43. PowerDrill

    Plane Crashes, Last Words from Pilots
  44. D.O.A.

    UPS guy crashes and dies

    my shipment tracking status is now "damage report filed".
  45. D.O.A.

    Car crashed into a tank

    Happened in Detmold, Germany. She overlooked the tanks while turning a corner and the tank driver couldn't stop in time. 12.000 € damage to the car, no damage to the british tank.
  46. O

    car crash