1. A

    Woman Poisons Dozens at Housewarming Party Trying to Kill Family Who Made Fun of Her Cooking

    A woman in India is facing the death penalty after five people died when she allegedly poisoned food at a housewarming in a bid to kill her husband and in-laws. Pradnya Survase, 23, was arrested after mixing pesticide into dal that was served at a housewarming party attended by 120 people on...
  2. msr

    Canada Cannibal freed and back on the streets.

    . . WINNIPEG, Manitoba – A Canadian man who was found not criminally responsible for beheading and cannibalizing a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus has been granted his freedom. Manitoba’s Criminal Code Review Board announced Friday it has given Will Baker, formerly known as Vince Li, an...
  3. DeathHand

    Clowns ~ Crazed Evil n' Crazy

    A "creepy Clown craze" seems to have gone global this year. Clowns have been popping up in all sorts of places and freaking people out. With this influx of freaky painted or masked clowns comes more folks double checking their closets, wardrobes and under their beds for these elusive and scary...