1. Donkeyd

    disaster Driving into the eye of a tornado

  2. Lord Gutsy

    accident Driving like a madman

  3. slickrick27

    bizarre Can you drive like this?

  4. slickrick27

    bizarre Outrunning the cops in nyc

  5. slickrick27

    bizarre Craziest police chase through nyc

    This dude has a YouTube channel, these are the craziest police chases I've ever seen. There's dozens of them.

    bizarre super mario brother

  7. girl101

    bizarre The screaming banshee collection.

    The screaming banShee collection Thanks to beihy for the train banshee I only have 2 videos in my collection hopefully I will have more someday If you have a screaming ban she's video who sound like these 2 bitchs please add.
  8. Lord Gutsy

    accident Chink Drove Into Them

  9. Monkman777

    beatings That's A Naw Dawg

  10. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Burning alive in her apartment

  11. Lord Gutsy

    accident That's what i call a lovely fucking crash

  12. Bethy 🔥

    bizarre Wtf Is Wrong With People FFS

  13. Bethy 🔥

    Guns Thats Just Wild 😱

  14. -ToGGaF-

    Serial killer Charlie Chop-Off

    Between 1972 and 1973, an unidentified assailant known as "Charlie Chop-Off" carried out the murders and attempted murder of five Manhattan youths. The victims all male and of ethnic backgrounds, ages ranging from eight and nine years old. Warning: These murders involved the gentinal mutilation...
  15. Nobbler

    Funny Who wants it.

  16. RebelFX

    bizarre Just Some Batshit Crazy People

    Drugs? Mental illness? A healthy combination of both? I didn't make this. I would not include the guy playing air guitar.... I totally get it dude.
  17. Bethy 🔥

    bizarre Just A Normal Night In The Hood

  18. WickedMal

    beatings ~Crazy Russian woman attacking taxi driver~

  19. Donkeyd

    bizarre Man brands himself

  20. girl101

    Serious This bitch is motherfucking crazy

    Please remind me not to visit Venice any time soon. This lady is crazy as a box of frogs. Loony then a fruit cake, batshit crazy She seems proud of the fact 1 has 9 warrant s out for her arrests 2 lost custody of her 3 kids who now live in foster homes 3 has lived on the streets for 4...
  21. Nobbler

    Funny What have I become.

  22. Nobbler

    bizarre Unicorn shark fishing.

  23. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Stan
  24. Lord Gutsy

    accident Final destination in chinkland

  25. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre She got skills

  26. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Chinking the fuck out

    China - breaking shit
  27. Lord Gutsy

    fights Crazy chink stabbing her husband on train

  28. Lord Gutsy

    accident Chink vs forklift

    China - woman got her throat slashed by forklift.
  29. Lord Gutsy

    accident Canada - homeless dude dumped into garbage truck
  30. Cold Ethyl

    Mum lived with corpses of three children to keep claiming benefits for party lifestyle

    A mum-of-five has been arrested after she was allegedly living with the bodies of her dead children - in order to keep claiming benefits to fund her party lifestyle. The woman, only identified as Daria, reportedly kept the corpses inside the filthy flat in the town of Velikiye Luki, in...
  31. Clam

    Crime 4 overweight female Chicago cops try to arrest a male buzzard shoplifter.

    and he gets away.
  32. Lord Gutsy

    disaster Woman crushed by sign during strong winds

    A resident of Novokuznetsk was crushed by an advertising sign during a storm. The victim was near the shopping center during the disaster. A strong wind tore a huge sign from the facade of the building and overturned it on the unfortunate woman. Passers-by helped the woman get out and called an...
  33. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Naked at the airport

  34. Donkeyd

    bizarre Welcome to India

  35. Popeyes

    fights Retirement Home SmackDown

  36. Clam

    Crime Los Angeles. Robbers force the victim off the road into an accident and Rob him at gunpoint.

    This is why the 2nd Amendment can never be infringed in any way. To care are of these savages!
  37. vaga

    bizarre College sluts crazy confessions

    Might as well enjoy yourself while you're still young, before the boobs go south / dick stops working / banned from owning pets. :booty: :benis: :talkingdick: :talkingasshole: :sawthat:
  38. -ToGGaF-

    Serial killer The Murders Of Charlie Brandt

    Charlie Brandt was born on February 23, 1957, the second child of German immigrants Herbert and Lisa Brandt. The family frequently relocated resulting in Charlie and his older sister Angela attending several different schools. Although regarded as a good student, he was shy and had difficulty...
  39. Lord Gutsy

    Crime Crazy gook stabs woman to death at her job

    On October 1, a knife attack occurred at a jewelry counter in Beiguo Mall, Baoding City, Hebei Province. After the attack, the man calmly sat down and called the police to surrender. The deceased was said to be a colleague of the man's wife. The man suspected that his wife was cheating on him...
  40. Punisher_1

    Crime Covid cult member freaks out

    We are starting to see these fucktards all over the place they need to just stay home and order their shit and not infect people with the "crazy illness" they have
  41. Donkeyd

    bizarre Base jumpers are crazy

  42. girl101

    Police She likes it rough

    She likes it rough., off rockers crazy.
  43. girl101

    bizarre Bree gadoury crazyass arrest This one crazy ass arrest. This women is the queen of off her rockers. This is like watching Dr jykle and Mr hide. Or her bipolar episode. She is fucking crazy
  44. girl101

    bizarre Crazy ass stalker

    This mother fucker is one crazy ass stalker to the point where he planted a GPS tracking device on the victims car I am so happy my car is garage kept at all times. Try getting onto my property with my 4 machomen mastiffs
  45. Monkman777

    bizarre Them Crazy Preachers

  46. Clam

    NYC PSYCHO, stabbing himself in the neck, while NYPD trying to stop him.

  47. Lord Gutsy

    accident **Child Warning** Little guy fell from zipline
  48. Clam

    Handcuffed Suspect Steals Colorado Trooper’s Car and Crashes During Pursuit

    Don't know how this POS lived.