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    Strangled Naked

    Hope that this time not a repost. From a Researchgate site. Three different cases of erotic asphyxia deaths. First one is a man in his late 20's from Austria. Was masturbating and strangling himself in front of a mirror, using a very well oiled leather belt (pic also included) secured with a...
  2. C

    Star 80

    So, have there ever been pictures made available to the public of the Dorothy Stratten murder? Stratten was sodomized and killed by her jealous husband, who then took the easy way out for himself.
  3. Ra's Al Ghul

    Porn star dies following three-month battle for life after being stabbed in neck.
  4. DirtyLee666

    A Cuhh gets killed after a quick brawl

  5. DirtyLee666

    Man down!

    A little amateur work. Shitty quality, but a guy was gunned downed and killed on the streets of Texas
  6. Lovingit

    Creepy Moment 'ghost' Walks Past Home CCTV Camera in Viral Reddit Clip (video)

    Reddit users have been left perplexed by a video claiming to show a ghost walking past a home. The spooky clip shows the dark scene of a homeowner’s driveway at night. Suddenly, a hazy white object slowly moves across the scene. It momentarily moves out of focus before appearing once more...
  7. Ra's Al Ghul

    Latina Female found dead in bush with bullet wounds to head.

    Tranlsated off a Portuguease Chatroom. Google translated the comments. Cheers. \\ "OFF - Fernanda Soares Martins, 31, was murdered with six head shots and her body was found late Sunday afternoon, 30. The crime occurred in the municipality of Presidente Figueiredo, Metropolitan Region of...
  8. Clarice

    Python swallows Indonesian man whole

    A man in Indonesia was swallowed whole by a python — and was missing for days — before villagers cut his body out of the engorged snake. The 25-year-old man, known as Akbar, was reported missing Monday night after he didn’t return from work at his palm oil crops a day earlier. No one noticed he...