drunk guy

  1. RebelFX

    Funny Drunk Guy Stumbles Around a Bit, Slips and Gets Knocked Out As FUCK By That Radiator

    I've done that shuffle a time or two in my life... like... every evening after 20:00 Not only is dude going to have that hang over headache to deal with... he's got THIS headache on top of that. IF he wakes up that is.
  2. seasonsofdeath

    Police Intoxicated manchild makes threats against police officers, plays victim and kicks everything

  3. ZeroK

    bizarre Drunk Big Mouth

  4. Sarka

    bizarre Adventures of a drunken US Embassy employee in Moscow

    Navarro Nicholas Stormy. Born in California on November 3, 1995, a career Marine who underwent special training in Quantico (Virginia). Since 2021 - security officer of the US Embassy (security of the outer perimeter of the embassy). The Marine tried to enter the embassy while being watched by...
  5. TwiztidBitch

    Just another drunk dumbass and fireworks

    I have no information on where this was or when but thought you all might enjoy how calm he is about this. Could be all the alcohol since he drank more before tossing the can. The hand is definitely fucked though.
  6. Sarka

    beatings Mike Tyson throws punches at unruly passenger on JetBlue flight

    Mike Tyson throws punches at unruly passenger on JetBlue flight: report