1. Punisher_1

    Crime Dem gay sex in Senate

    This is some degenerate shit right here. Now they need to sanitize the area for body fluids/solids and HIV BREAKING Senate Staffer Caught Filming Gay S3X Tape In Senate Hearing RoomThe alleged staffer can also be seen in a photo, naked on all fours, looking back at the camera on the table...
  2. wiggins

    Harry and Andy...

    WORLD Prince Harry and Andrew Tate are two sides of the same coin Ben Domenech Andrew Tate and Prince Harry (YouTube screenshot/Getty) Ben Domenech 12 January 2023 2:19 PM On the face of things, there is little in common between Prince Harry and Andrew Tate. Yet look closer and you see two...
  3. D.O.A.

    Ricky Martin facing 50 years prison for incest

    šŸ˜‚ Singer Ricky Martin has been accused by his own nephew of alleged domestic violence in court documents, which could land the pop star behind bars for 50 years...
  4. King0o0Asshat

    Serious Scottish police say rapes committed by men will be logged as rapes by ā€œwomenā€ if offenders are trans

    Another score for the woke crowd... https://www.cracknewz.com/2021/12/scottish-police-say-rapes-committed-by.html
  5. Gorgutz

    Trump tweets against Trans in US Army

    https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/890193981585444864 Fags BTFO. Salt will be mined for decades to come. Brace for Pence the Electric Fence deliver some shock therapy to the multicolor masses.