1. Bethy 🔥

    accident Crashed Biker Does Cartwheel

    Argentina, CCTV recorded the exact moment in which a motorcycle collides head-on with a truck last Sunday, which apparently had invaded the lane of the motorcyclist, who was also accompanied by his partner; only one survived. The motorcycle, which was traveling at a considerably high speed...
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    accident Huge Fatal Pile Up

  3. Bethy 🔥

    accident He Didnt See That Coming 👀

  4. Bethy 🔥

    accident Drunk Causes Head On Accident

    It was established that a 33-year-old driver was driving a rented Haval car while intoxicated. He drove into the oncoming lane, where he collided head-on with an Opel, driven by a 22-year-old man who died on the spot as a result of the accident. A criminal case was opened for violating traffic...
  5. Monkman777

    disaster Granny Had A Fatal Fall

  6. WickedMal

    accident ~Russia - Horrifying footage has emerged of a fatal crash that killed two schoolgirls~

    :death: Russia - Horrifying footage has emerged of a fatal crash that killed two schoolgirls One of them died on the spot, the second later died in the hospital.
  7. vaga

    Police Philly DA release body cam from fatal shooting of Eddie Irizarry

    District Attorney Larry Krasner on Friday announced the arrest of Philadelphia Police Officer Mark Dial for his role in the fatal shooting of Eddie Irizarry in August. https://phillyda.org/news/ppd-officer-charged-with-murder-for-fatal-vehicle-stop-of-eddie-irizarry/ Footage shows the shooting...
  8. WickedMal

    animals ~Her Last Horse Ride~

  9. WickedMal

    accident ~ Biker Horrifically Burned In Accident ~

    :whiskeyskip: :poison: On Wednesday afternoon, a fatal accident occurred in the Arenera sector in Puerto Wilches, Santander Department, Colombia. Two motorbikes collided and caused an explosion, resulting in severe burns to those involved in the incident. The flames burned 90% of J.D.P.'s...
  10. WickedMal

    bizarre ~Man Fatally Stabs His Ex-Girlfriend~

    :skull: Taiwan ~