1. TehBitch


    **HOW TO IGNORE A MEMBER** There are a few ways to put someone on "Ignore/block". I'm using @Denim Chicken as an example. 😁 >Click on their username and this will pop up. Click on IGNORE. >Or go to their profile page by again clicking on their username. **FOR MORE PRIVACY SETTINGS** You can...
  2. ArmageddonWatcher

    Funny New Forum Veteran went out to celebrate, then this happened!

    Well folks, today I became a Forum Veteran.💪😑 I was deeply touched and immediately went out with a few friends to eat and drink and to celebrate this heartfelt moment of recognition, this milestone if you wish! I may have been a little too excited and adrenaline got in the way, but I feel so...
  3. Ravenna

    How is that Animal Nightmares Forum still up?

    I watch some videos on YouTube about morbid realities I suppose you'd call them. It's been driving me crazy ever since I discovered that this place exists.... Some recent video that circulated the web I believe originated from there. If that Luka was caught, the child harming forum was taken...
  4. D.O.A.

    **Forum Themes/Styles**

    First one is for people who like white things. The theme selector is in the footer of the website (bottom of the page)
  5. TehBitch

    Serious The Forum Rules (Updated May 2023)

    Please read through our revamped RULES AND GUIDELINES. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the following rules, please PM a staff member or use the private staff contact thread or the public suggestions and questions forum. It is every members responsibility to read and...