1. Nikolaiev

    French teacher stabbed to death by ''possessed'' student Personnal note : I live in France, I see it as the triumph of techno totalitarianism. Youth donuts in violence, the cult of the performance of narcissism, consumption, pornography...
  2. Dolly

    France is now more dangerous than Mexico

    The article doesnt say what the crime was as it deems it 'too gruesome' but it was an Algerian illegal Dahbia B., who was indicted Monday in the grisly killing of 12-year-old Lola Daviet, she told investigators that she took the girl to her sister’s apartment, forced her to take a shower and...
  3. Hot Hitler

    beatings "Diversity is a strength"

    Dirty disgusting immigrants
  4. Maleficent

    accident ~Deciding To Burn An Ex's Car~

  5. A

    French Butchers Request Police Protection from Violent Vegan Activists

    French butchers have issued a plea for police protection against vegans, whom they blame for a series of attacks designed to “spread terror” among meat-lovers. The butchers say they are coming under “physical, verbal and moral" attack from vegans and animal rights groups in the land of the...