1. Donkeyd

    Serious Greece head on train crash

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  2. Cold Ethyl

    2,100-year-old burial of woman lying on bronze 'mermaid bed' unearthed in Greece

    Archaeologists have unearthed the ancient burial of a woman lying on a bronze bed near the city of Kozani in northern Greece. It dates to the first century B.C. Depictions of mermaids decorate the posts of the bed. The bed also displays an image of a bird holding a snake in its mouth, a...
  3. G

    4 Year Old Girl Drifts Out to Sea on Inflatable Unicorn

    Story from the Record: "...A shocked boat crew were left stunned when they spotted a small child on a unicorn inflatable drifting in the sea. The girl, who is believed to be aged around four-years-old, was found off the coast of the Greek town of Antirio in the Gulf of Corith..."
  4. DeathHand

    Drowned Migrants of War 2

    In the next few sets are the bodies of people and children that had managed to escape their worn-torn countries. After surviving the perilous voyage from their former homeland and landing in Turkey, they risked another voyage: the 5 mile boat ride to Lesbos, Greece. The distance from the...