1. WickedMal

    accident Russia - Group hit by avalanche

  2. Maven

    accident Took the chicks out

  3. Cobh

    Kidnap attempt takes a while...

    Group tried to force man into car but takes a while.. lol In Europe somewher but I don't recognise the car reg
  4. Gurgled_Sliced_Throat

    Nignog of the Dog world That's fine if you jump all over me, with angry comments. I've said this before and i'll say it again, Pitbulls are the niggers of Dogs. Now, there are some good ones, but some temperments need to be put down. I...
  5. Guipago

    Wagners new poster boys

    Wagner's new recruitment poster shows 2 Australian SAS soldiers & a US Blackhawk helo in the background, pretty chuffed that they think so highly of our boys & the US helo that they use them instead of using their own dropkicks for their recruitment drives, won't the new recruits get a surprise...
  6. Guipago

    The Wagner Group again.

    The Wagner Group of mercenary's take their name from Hitler's favorite composer Wagner, the group is financed indirectly by Moscow to assassinate country leaders, impose Russian justice wherever they are, war crimes in Africa & Syria are under investigation, there seem to be a lot of dead...