1. Monkman777

    disaster Needs To Strengthen His Neck More

  2. Monkman777

    disaster Fool Wasn't Good Enough

  3. Monkman777

    accident Rode Right Into Bulldozer

  4. Lord Gutsy

    accident Paki riding into truck

  5. Monkman777

    Police Learned To Put Knife Down The Hard Way

  6. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Nice kickback

  7. Monkman777

    beatings Entering Game Through A Vent

  8. Monkman777

    Funny Crowd Surf Right Into The Sidewalk

  9. Monkman777

    disaster Fleeing Into The Lake

  10. Monkman777

    bizarre She Ain't Taking Pizza Orders Tonight

  11. Monkman777

    Police He Wanna Die

  12. Lord Gutsy

    Funny That's what u get for sitting there u idiot

  13. Lord Gutsy

    Funny Chink showing off his scooter skills

  14. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Idiot jumped off bridge while his fiance films because someone dared him

    In Moscow, a man jumped off a bridge on a dare and died in front of his fiance, who was filming it all. The guy and his beloved arrived in the capital, where they met a mutual friend and went to the beach. While relaxing, the guy asked who was not weak in jumping into the water. The girls...
  15. Monkman777

    disaster Throw Pee Get Smashed

  16. Lord Gutsy

    Funny Idiot touch the scooter

  17. Monkman777

    animals Idiot Takes Last Selfie With Bear

  18. Monkman777

    disaster Bad Idea To Fire Flare From Window

  19. Monkman777

    disaster Idiot's Last Celebration Before Going To The Afterlife
  20. Cold Ethyl

    bizarre This šŸ¤£ Enough Said šŸ¤£

    He's the first black woman šŸ¤£šŸ¤£
  21. Monkman777

    disaster Trying To Stop Street Drifting

  22. Monkman777

    disaster Amazon Driver Wreaks Havoc

    They'll hire anybody...
  23. Monkman777

    Police Fleeing From Bicycle Cop Didn't Work

  24. Monkman777

    disaster Darkie Trying To Get A Room

    Uncivilized idiot...
  25. Monkman777

    disaster Almost Broke His Neck

  26. Lord Gutsy

    Funny Stupid bitch

  27. Monkman777

    disaster Bull 1/ Idiot 0

  28. Monkman777

    disaster Bonfire Gone Wild

  29. Monkman777

    disaster Trying To Snatch Necklace

  30. Monkman777

    disaster Wee...No Hands

  31. Monkman777

    disaster That Looks Like It Hurt

  32. Monkman777

    accident Rider Unable To Navigate Turn

  33. Lord Gutsy

    Funny Dude caught on fire

  34. Lord Gutsy

    accident That's what you get for touching

  35. Lord Gutsy

    Funny Chink cursed her and wasn't paying attention

    China - deserved
  36. Monkman777

    disaster Nice Confetti Shot

  37. Monkman777

    Crime Trying To Steal The Kebab

  38. Monkman777

    accident Rider Takes Out A Calf And Himself

  39. Monkman777

    fights Guess He Messed With The Wrong Dude

  40. Lord Gutsy

    Funny Chink ran into glass door

    China - wtf
  41. Monkman777

    accident Idiot Drowns In Water Fountain

  42. Monkman777

    disaster Should Had Pay Attention To His Riding

  43. Monkman777

    bizarre Crazy Lady In The Apartment

  44. Monkman777

    disaster Homeboy Looks Like He Lost For A Year

    For 10 days, he looks rough...
  45. Monkman777

    animals Doggo Takes Protection Training Seriously

  46. Monkman777

    fights Loudmouth Gets Knocked Out

  47. Monkman777

    disaster Jackie Chan He Ain't

  48. Monkman777

    Warning:Children His Fire Stunt Backfired

  49. Lord Gutsy

    accident Chink using elevator

  50. Lord Gutsy

    accident Biker hit tractor