1. klassik_sauvage

    beatings They shouldnt have been this gentle but still well done

    Novi Sad, Serbia. The cunt yells "BRO?!" at the end when he exits his new home like a meerkat.
  2. Lord Gutsy

    accident enjoying his scooter ride

  3. Monkman777

    beatings Home Invaders beaten by villagers

  4. Monkman777

    bizarre His Robbing Days Are Over

  5. Red-Footed Booby

    bizarre Store Worker Defends Store From 3 Robbers

    Happened in São Mateus Brazil. Article. Unknown if any of the robbers died, I could not find an appropriate prefix for the video and couldn’t upload without some sort of prefix attached.
  6. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Robber Tried To Steal His Bike And Got Fucked Up

    A criminal was shot while trying to steal the motorcycle from a policeman while he was off duty, from the National Directorate of Criminal Investigation, in the town of Paso del Rey, Argentina.
  7. Donkeyd

    Karma's a bitch

  8. frederykruysch

    fights Thief gets beaten up by his victims on a bus

  9. Sarka

    beatings Mike Tyson throws punches at unruly passenger on JetBlue flight

    Mike Tyson throws punches at unruly passenger on JetBlue flight: report
  10. Ex Spatula King

    beatings Thief catches instant karma

    A Dutch store owner noticed the same thief came back for a third time to steal items from his clothing store. After keeping an eye on him he noticed him stealing once again and got so fed up he literally kicked him out of his store through the window of his door. He chased him outside, the...
  11. Donkeyd

    accident Oops

  12. ArmageddonWatcher

    Brazilian Street Justice pt. 3 (Learn 'em to Fly!) ↖️💥🚗

    So satisfying...off you go birdie! 😜
  13. SeekingReality

    fights When You Think You're Hard And This Happens...😁

  14. SeekingReality

    Stupid Plonker Got His Comeuppance. 🤣😂

    This vain, showing off arsehole soon shut up! Karma.
  15. Red-Footed Booby

    Thief stabs himself during robbery and dies minutes later.

  16. Red-Footed Booby

    Men turn Burglar into piñata.

  17. Sarka

    fights Woman was cowardly attacked and defended herself by stabbing her bully husband

    To escape being yet another victim of femicide, a married woman had to react to the cowardly aggression she was suffering at home and stabbed her bully husband. The bloody occurrence involving the couple took place at the end of the morning of this Monday, February 7th, in the neighborhood of...
  18. Hate

    Karma police: would be thief ran over

  19. Hate

    'Bored Grandma' sets up sting operation on scammers

  20. Sarka

    Man is shot in the knee after being caught in a motel with drug trafficker's wife

  21. Sarka

    beatings Couple who robbed and stabbed application driver are punished by criminal faction

    Members of a criminal faction violently punished a man and a woman who assaulted and stabbed an app driver late Monday,22/11, morning. Three videos were recorded by the criminal group itself, which mercilessly punishes the assailant couple with many blows to the hands, arms, back kicks...
  22. Sarka

    17-year-old girl beats her stepfather

    In the Bakcharsky district of the Tomsk region, Russia. On October 23, a minor girl severely beat her stepfather with a frying pan and hands. The reason was that the man constantly raises his hand to her mother. In the recording, the girl asks the person behind the scenes to hold the camera...
  23. momo19611


  24. Hate

    Home invasion gets stopped by homeowner shooting first

  25. DarkMind12

    Home Invaders Tortured With A Taser

  26. Lol Dongs

    They Chose the Wrong Car to Steal

    Possibly Brazil
  27. G

    Is It a Bird, Is it a Plane? No, Just a Dick On a Motorcycle

  28. G

    Armed Robber Gets Owned by Security Guard

    Santa Cruz das Palmeiras, Brazil