1. DirtyLee666

    Gunman opens fire on two L.A. sheriffs

  2. DirtyLee666

    Man down!

    A little amateur work. Shitty quality, but a guy was gunned downed and killed on the streets of Texas
  3. Sic

    Daredevil "Mad" Mike Hughes dies launching his homemade rocket

    Popularly known as "Mad" Mike Hughes was killed when the launch of his homemade rocket crashed in the California desert. He was launching his homemade rocket for a new Science Channel series entitled, "Homemade Astronauts". Hughes & a friend built a steam powered rocket with the...
  4. Tooly

    Zachary Davis killed mom with sledgehammer.

    A Tennessee teenager on trial for murder says he killed his mother with a sledgehammer because she knew he had been raped by his older brother and did nothing about it. Zachary Davis was fifteen when he bludgeoned his mother's skull 12 times as she slept and then set his family home ablaze in...