knife attack

  1. ZeroK

    fights Female Knife Fight

  2. Cobh

    Crime Aftermath of stabbing in Mayfield, Cork.

    Only a brief video of a dude cut up
  3. ZeroK

    Police Knife vs American Cops

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    bizarre Miguel Is A Sissy

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    Crime Dangerous Bus Route

  6. ZeroK

    fights Knife Attacking

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    bizarre Please Accept These Flowers šŸŒŗšŸŒ¹

  8. ZeroK

    fights Knife Attack

  9. Clam

    Crime Crisis intervention , Orlando Police Officers Shoot Woman As She Charges at Them With Two Knives.

    Clean up in Isle 5
  10. ZeroK

    fights Soccer Game Stabbing

  11. Nickak81

    fights Ex gang member getting the steal

  12. Nikolaiev

    French teacher stabbed to death by ''possessed'' student Personnal note : I live in France, I see it as the triumph of techno totalitarianism. Youth donuts in violence, the cult of the performance of narcissism, consumption, pornography...
  13. Monkman777

    disaster Chinese Food Vlogger Stabbed

    Apparently was attacked by a rival food vlogger. He later succumbed to his injuries.
  14. ZeroK

    fights Holding Up Traffic