1. L

    Looking for a lost short gore anime you might've heard of

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone here might've seen/have more info on this anime a decent chunk of the internet is going crazy trying to find. The common description features a number of school girls locked in (likely) a bathroom, one possibly getting drowned in a sink, one definitely getting her...
  2. Silentwhisper

    Lust Murder Media

    Which media created by lust murderers would you want to checkout most? Some examples Bittaker & Norris audiotape & Polaroids Brady & Hindley audiotape & pics Joseph Duncan video Maury Travis video Davis & Riley videos Bernardo & Homolka videos Ted Bundy Polaroids Lake & Ng videos Meiwes video...
  3. Gorgutz

    Facebook Deletes Thousands of Accounts Ahead of German National Election

    Getty Images by CHRIS TOMLINSON 24 Aug 2017 Social media giant Facebook has deleted thousands of German accounts ahead of the German national election next month, in a major crack down on facilitators of “fake news”. Around ten thousand “fake accounts” were taken down by the company who...