Which media created by lust murderers would you want to checkout most?

Some examples

Bittaker & Norris audiotape & Polaroids
Brady & Hindley audiotape & pics
Joseph Duncan video
Maury Travis video
Davis & Riley videos
Bernardo & Homolka videos
Ted Bundy Polaroids
Lake & Ng videos
Meiwes video
Korzen & Mahn video

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Id love to see the supposed 11 tapes that Maury Travis made. They are kept under lock and key by the police (if any actually exist other thsn the one which clips were repeatedly shown)

Id love to see the bittaker and norris audios i listened to one of them years ago shame sll that now exists sre just transcrpts. The other 4 are supposed to be buried on the hollywood hills still undiscovered 45years later so at best tgey are fucked.

And Meiwes i was looking for that for years supposed to be floating around the DW but i never found it.
Maury Travis only filmed one of his murders to completion on the video titled Wedding Tape. The rest were rape, humiliation & torture.

The Meiwes video never leaked from German court evidence so it's not available anywhere online.

The same with the Bittaker & Norris Audiotape. The only excerpts available online are from NBC News archives and they're about 2-3 second sound bites needed at full volume.
Lake & Ng videos, theres got to be people out there with some of his stuff. lake must've been selling clips plus I heard a couple of them were played at the trial, cant seem to find any though

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Robert Ben Rhoades photos

the famous one of Regina Watts before killing her.

Regina Kay Walters, yes lovely pic. I think Robert Ben Rhoades took explicit pics as well so those would be sought after.

The only person who might've had Lake and Ng videos with action in them would be Lake's ex girlfriend Cricket. However I'd bet everything she destroyed the tapes if she did take them from the cabin shortly thereafter


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The closest you can get to hearing the Bittaker and Norris audiotapes is after 26 mins in this video you can hear the tapes being played from behind closed doors during the trial;

gives you a good idea what the full tapes are like, I still would love to hear them.
that woman in red just came down to the courthouse to hear the tape and then she couldn't take it.

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