1. msr

    Mosque attack in Canada

    Canadian PM says mosque shooting a 'terrorist attack on Muslims' By Kevin Dougherty | QUEBEC CITY Six people were killed and eight wounded when gunmen opened fire at a Quebec City mosque during Sunday night prayers, in what Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called a "terrorist attack on...
  2. Lovinight

    Europe's Migrant Crisis

  3. FapKoЯn

    Abu Sayyaf Beheading A Hostage

    Country: Philippines Group Involved: Abu Sayyaf Motive: Kidnap for Ransom Incident: Beheading Reason: Conditions set by the rebel muslim group, Abu Sayyaf, not met by the government of the Philippines. Summary: Barangay Captain, beheaded by Abu Sayyaf One of the three hostages held captive by...