1. ZeroK

    fights Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Continues

  2. Donkeyd

    beatings Pakistan cleric stomped to death

    muslr blasphemy
  3. Donkeyd

    Ramadan ends and the plague begins

    The Muslim world is in shock. At the very end of Ramadan following the rain in Mecca, thousands of cockroaches are all over the holy sites.
  4. Hate

    accident *CHILD WARNING* little muzzies playing with fireworks

    Look it's an IED, just like my dad mak-(šŸ’„)
  5. Bloody Kisses

    Sandniggers have invented the World's first online physical fight. Lmao!

    Apparently sandals/flip flops are their greatest weapons. Lol.
  6. Crusty Santa

    Gaddafi fucked up the arse with a knife.

  7. sinistarz

    2018 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Police Chase!! So close Abu

    Almost got away with speeds in excess of 120 mph.
  8. Hel

    Tom & Jerry is to blame for the rise of IS according to Egyptian minister

    Apparently Tom and Jerry is to blame for the rise of Isis "Nothing wrong with our backwards Islamic culture, it's an American cartoon from the 1940's that is to blame for Islamic extremism!"