1. Donkeyd

    bizarre Mysterious canine like animal chases dog in forest

  2. -ToGGaF-

    murder The Devils Teeth: Death Of Jeanette Depalma

    On a Monday afternoon August 7, 1972 in Springfeild Township, NJ, Jeanette DePalma let it be known to her mom she would be taking a train to a friend's house. Never arriving nor ever returning, her parents filed a missing person's report. Six weeks passed with no signs of her whereabouts. On...
  3. Brainfart

    UFO spotted in Sydney

  4. DerpDerpinsonCZ

    Serious Czech crime stories - Gravedigger killer in Prague

    Suspect: Jan Kříž The victim: Alena Šedivá Location of crime:Vinohradské hřbitovy, Prague, Czech Republic(I will call it Winecastle cemetery, because that's what it means in translation) On 7th of April in 1993 Alena was leaving wine bar Barča in company of Jan, gravedigger of winecastle...