1. msr

    Grady Judd and the house party runners

  2. Bloody Kisses

    bizarre I can't unsee this and neither can yaw'll !!!!

  3. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre thieves forced to eat their finger

  4. jorokofo

    Gay blacks from outer space

    Best movie I’ve ever watched 🍿 10/10
  5. ZeroK

    fights Before U Watch This Video Try To Predict Who's Fighting And Where

  6. Bloody Kisses

    Monkey see...monkey do.

  7. Bloody Kisses

    African kid sees a white man for the 1st time, thinks he’s a ghost lol

  8. D.O.A.

    BLM leader and her husband hit with federal fraud, conspiracy charges

    Monica Cannon-Grant, a Black Lives Matter (BLM) leader in Boston, and her husband, Clark Grant, were hit with an 18-page federal indictment for fraud and conspiracy on Tuesday. Federal authorities allege that Cannon-Grant and Grant have defrauded a large sum of donor dollars out of over $1...
  9. D.O.A.

    'Olive' from On the Buses dies in a house fire

    On The Buses and EastEnders actress Anna Karen has died in a house fire in east London - after neighbours heard screams of 'help me, help me' coming from inside the wheelchair-bound star's home. Sumi Popat, 62 said: 'It was around 10.30pm and we could hear loud screams of 'help me, help me...
  10. Bloody Kisses

    Negro Alien

    sorry about the bad video quality. the audio tho…. 🤣🤣
  11. msr

    New trend in the hood

    Stand up drive by shooting.
  12. The Devil

    Basketball American gets another nîgger!!! + Bonus clip!!!

    >>>>Let him know if you "want some more" LOOOOL
  13. msr

    Grady Judd, never fails us.

  14. Ku Klux Kloyce

    2 blacks vs 1 honkey

  15. punkduck

    Sheboon fights 😆 🐵 🐷

    Sound recommended. Hilarious Oink. 🐷 😂
  16. Swedish

    2 People tortured with Knife

    No background info unfortunately.
  17. Parabellum82

    White girl bullied by two monkeys

  18. Bloody Kisses

    Wtf did I just watch?

  19. Belphegoree

    From dancing to killing real quick

    Obviously didn't like his moves wtf
  20. chowcat

    Torturing skinny black people

  21. Megnum

    Shook to Death

    Effects of blunt force trauma.
  22. Bloody Kisses

    This is Uganda’s Parliament 🤣

    Can somebody say Gorillas? 🤣
  23. Crusty Santa

    Boko Haram slaughtering across Africa, kills 92 Chadian soldiers, 50 Nigerian soldiers

    Seems like Boko Haram are very efficient lol. Makes me wonder though, how did they have enough ammo did attack a military base for 7 hours and win? Someone funding them maybe? J
  24. Crusty Santa

    Forced to eat shit

  25. DirtyLee666

    Defund the police, they asked for it.

  26. DirtyLee666

    Bullet hole

    Dude shows off his bullet hole.
  27. Bloody Kisses

    Crazy junkie with a syringe. *cringe*

    I’m not sure whether this video is considered as gore, but that giant sticky wound on her leg and the syringe in her hand while she thrashes like a Basketball American shark is the stuff nightmares are made of. p.s. Don’t bother reading the text that is in the video. It’s purr faggotry. Source of the video...
  28. Bloody Kisses

    Basketball Americans giving “How to fight Corona” advice 🤣🤣

  29. Bloody Kisses

    Monkeys being monkeys