plane crash

  1. DeathHand

    157 Dead: EA Crash

    157 killed on Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed March 10, 2019 An Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed shortly after takeoff from the capital Sunday morning killing all 157 thought to be on board, according to statements from the airline and the state broadcaster. There were no immediate...
  2. DeathHand

    Plane Crash in Colombia (Pics)

    A plane (small 4 engined jet) with 81 people on board crashed into a mountainside while on it's way to Medellin, Colombia, killing 75 people. Six survivors were found but it was recently announced that one of them, a member of the soccer team, succumbed to his injuries after arriving at a nearby...
  3. DeathHand

    Plane Crash In Colombia

    75 Dead After Plane Carrying Brazilian Soccer Team Crashes In Colombia Nov. 29, 2016 LA UNION, Colombia/ CHAPECO, Brazil, Nov 29 (Reuters) - A charter plane carrying Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense to the biggest game in its history crashed in the Colombian mountains after an electrical...
  4. DeathHand

    Small Plane Crash: 5 Dead

    Not the greatest of photos and no close-ups of the dead. This plane crashed into the side of a hill, disintegrated and burned, killing all 5 on board. Santander, Columbia, Dec. 25, 2014. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  5. DeathHand

    Turkish Airlines Flight 981

    Textual content was sourced from Wikipedia (link) while graphic content was sourced from various websites and from GettyImages. Turkish Airlines Flight 981 was a regularly scheduled flight from Istanbul Yesilköy Airport to London Heathrow Airport with an intermediate stop in Paris at Orly...
  6. DeathHand

    Tara Air Plane Crash ('16)

    A small passenger plane that went missing in bad weather has crashed into a Himalayan mountain killing all 23 people on board, Nepalese authorities confirmed. Air control lost contact with the Twin Otter aircraft operated by the domestic Tara Air shortly after it took off from the resort town...
  7. DeathHand

    S. Sudan Cargo Plane Crash

    A Russian made Antonov-12 B turbo prop cargo plane carrying cargo and passengers crashed just after take-off. Dozens of passengers were killed, including the crew. Atleast 3 people (an elderly woman, a young man and an infant baby) survived the crash. The full news story is HERE in the World...
  8. DeathHand

    Trigana Air Plane Crash

    Indonesian rescuers find no survivors in wreckage of crashed plane Tue Aug 18, 2015 8:42am EDT All 54 people on board a Trigana Air aircraft were killed in a crash two days ago in Indonesia's Papua province, the latest in a string of aviation disasters in the Southeast Asian archipelago...
  9. DeathsDoor

    Plane Crash

    The victims were identified as Kellinson Vasconcelos, 38, pilot and flight instructor, and William Hobus, 52, engineer and owner of the plane. The plane is an experimental model. According to reports, the pilot was teaching the new owner of the aircraft to fly.
  10. DeathHand

    Syrian Military Plane Crash

    Video taken by FSA members of a Syrian Air Force plane that crash in thick fog after flying to low (it was approaching a military airport) and hit a stone wall. All onboard were killed, including crew, Syrian military officers and Hezbollah soldiers. Photos taken by FSA members are located...
  11. DeathHand

    Syrian Military Plane Crash

    A Syrian air force plane crashed in thick fog when approaching the Abu al-Duhur military airport in Idlib. It appears that about 38 onboard (flight crew, regime military officers and Hezbollah soldiers) were killed in the crash after the plane flew in too as it neared a small village and hit a...
  12. NicoRobin

    Air Asia Plane Crash

    Indonesian officials have confirmed that flight AirAsia QZ8501, which disappeared on 28 December, crashed into the Java Sea off Borneo. The Airbus A320-200, carrying 162 people from Surabaya in Indonesia to Singapore, was just over 40 minutes into its flight when contact was lost during bad...
  13. A

    Recovering bodies at plane crash site.

    I don’t recall if the dead guys in the plane were drugs runners. However, images of the rescue party/clean up team recovering the bodies. They sure look happy in their work...
  14. D.O.A.

    Trainer plane crashes and kills the pilot

    At the beginning of the movie shows that the aircraft is landing on the runway, but after contact with the ground decided to go to the second round. At some point, the pilot lost control and the plane crashed into afforestation band. The accident killed 44-year-old pilot, pilot instructor 1st...
  15. my.eggs

    Candidate for president dies in plane crash - Brazil

    The presidential candidate Eduardo Campos, died early on Wednesday in a plane crash in Santos (SP). The jet that crashed was the politician in the Big hole neighborhood. There were no survivors. Unlike informed before the PSB, the wife of the candidate, Renata, and son Michael were not the...
  16. Eat Shit And Die

    Snuff Band Plane Crash, Brazil 1996

    Severian I was sure I had higher resolution pictures of this accident but I can't seem to find them, I hope these do, Enjoy! The unfortunate day March 2, 1996 would be a routine day for the five members of the band Snuff who were on the way back from a show in Brasilia, the jet they had been...
  17. DeadZone

    Aftermath of Japanese Plane crash in 1985

    More info & extended set of pics of here:
  18. D.O.A.

    Plane crash fatality

    This Brazilian guy crashed his plane, he had no comments to make on the matter when interviewed
  19. Just_Professor

    Plane Crash - Bodies

    Well, these folks had a bad day. Crispy Critters.
  20. DeathHand

    JAL 123 Plane Crash '85

    Japan Airlines Flight 123 was a Japan Airlines domestic flight from Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) to Osaka International Airport (Itami). On Monday, August 12, 1985, the Boeing 747SR that made this route, registration #JA8119, suffered mechanical failures 12 minutes into the flight and...
  21. Eat Shit And Die

    Tupolev-154 Plane Crash 2001

    THE TUPOLEV-154 CRASH SITE NIGHT, MORNING, DAY OF JULY 4TH, 2001 Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 crashed over the Black Sea on 4 October 2001, en route from Tel Aviv, Israel to Novosibirsk, Russia. The plane, a Soviet-made Tupolev Tu-154, carried an estimated 66 passengers and 12 crew members. No...
  22. DeadZone

    Cargo Plane crash

    At Bagram Air Field north of Kabul in Afghanistan, seven killed.
  23. DeathHand

    Jenni Rivera Plane Crash

    Iturbide, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Dec. 10, 2012. Mexican authorities said they've found no evidence of emergency calls before the plane crash that claimed the life of singer Jenni Rivera. She was travelling to Monterrey in a 1969 Lear Jet 25 (tail #N345MC) that she was in the final stages of...
  24. DeathHand

    Nepal Plane Crash (9/28/12)

    A plane bound for the infamous Lukla airport in Nepal crashed yesterday, killing all 19 people on board. It is believed that the aircraft struck a bird shortly after takeoff from Kathmandu, resulting in the crash minutes later. Set 1. 1. Actual plane that crashed (before new paint job) 2...
  25. DeadZone

    Plane crash in Norway

  26. DeathHand

    Lagos Plane Crash (6.3.12)

    A bunch of images from yesterdays passenger plane crash in Lagos, Nigeria. Although almost 200 people died, there are very few photos of bodies. Set 1. 1. Photo of the actual plane that crashed. 2. Cranes removing some of the wreckage. 3. 4. Crane removing the planes tail section.
  27. DeathHand

    Plane Crash Siberia: Non-Gore

    A large number of non-gore photos of the wreckage of the Russian passenger plane crashed in Siberia on Apr. 2, 2012. Full story and details are in the Fresh News section. Set 1. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  28. maleficent

    HELIOS/727 Plane crash in Greece

    The plane was checked the night before its flight, but unknowingly the air compression control was left in the manual position. This meant that as the plane gained altitude during its flight, the cabin did not compensate for the change in oxygen content. The crew and passengers became...
  29. DeathHand

    Buddah Air Plane Crash (9-25-11)

    September 25, 2011. "KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) — A plane carrying tourists to view Mount Everest crashed while attempting to land in Nepal on Sunday, killing all 19 people on board, including 13 foreigners, officials said. Ten Indians, two Americans [edit: three Americans died, one who was from...
  30. DeathHand

    Honduras Plane Crash: 02/14/11

    14 Feb 2011 "A small Honduran commercial airliner crashed on Monday near the capital, killing all 14 people aboard, including a high government official and a union leader, authorities said. The Central American Airlines plane was on a routinely scheduled daily flight, airline manager Felix...
  31. DeathHand

    2008 Aeroflot-Nord Plane Crash

    Sep. 11, 2008. Plane Crash in Perm, Russia. "Aeroflot Nord’s flight 821 was on its way from Moscow to the city of Perm, when it blew up in the air during its descent to Perm. Local residents told the media they heard a huge blast, then the plane rocketed towards the ground like a comet...
  32. DeathHand

    Sept 2011 Angola Plane Crash

    Sept. 14, 2011. A plane crash in Angola has killed 30 people, including three army generals, a military official has said. He said six people had survived, including the pilot and co-pilot. State-run media says 17 people died. Set 1. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  33. DeathHand

    2010 Mangalore Plane Crash

    May 22, 2010 Air India Express Flight 812 was a scheduled passenger service from Dubai to Mangalore which at around 01:00 UTC on 22 May 2010, overshot the runway on landing, fell over a cliff and caught fire, spreading wreckage across the surrounding hillside. Of the 160 passengers and six...
  34. wino

    Plane crash in Peru

    only some teeth survived
  35. wino

    Plane crash

    this is whats left of 2 russian guys who died in a light plane crash
  36. C_R

    Russian Plane Crash

  37. C_R

    Big Bad Plane Crash