police brutality

  1. Monkman777

    Police Giving Him The Baton Treatment

  2. ZeroK

    Police Nice Knee By Cop

  3. ZeroK

    animals WARNING ⚠️ A Horrible Cop

  4. ZeroK

    Police Get In The Wagon

  5. RebelFX

    Police Remember Pigs, You Can Do Whatever You Want With a Criminal if You Simply Say "Stop Resisting" - Cop punches handcuffed dude

    Fuckin pig. I love how he keeps saying "STOP RESISTING" to the fucking handcuff dude who's just sitting there Here's DOA... song is Police Brutality
  6. ZeroK

    Police Learning From American Cops

  7. RebelFX

    beatings Police Brutality Caught on Camera - Jarret Hobbs

    Cops are pigs but they're beating another pig... tough to take a side on this one. In this video, you seen 41yr old, Jarret Hobbs getting attacked and beaten by 3 out of the 5 officers who entered his cell. He is seen to get jumped, beaten, kicked, pinned to the ground, and restrained...
  8. Monkman777

    Police Cop Throws Guy On Ground

  9. ZeroK

    Police Cops Tase Nonviolent Schizophrenic

  10. ZeroK

    Police American Cops Kill But I'd Like To Think They Don't Torture

  11. ZeroK

    Police Cop vs Bicyclist

  12. ZeroK

    Guns Cops Third Day On The Job

    Over A Parking Infraction
  13. ZeroK

    Crime Cops Are Bullies

  14. Sgt.Stupid

    Police Banking Services

  15. ZeroK

    Guns American Cops New Homeless Program

  16. MrNoob

    beatings Syrian Army Brutally Torturing a Guy And Forcing Him To Call Bashar His God

    This footage, uploaded by Syrian democracy activists on July 4, 2012, depicts a group of soldiers loyal to Bashar al-Assad brutally beating a prisoner detained for unknown offenses. It's location could not be independently verified.Although his body is already covered in severe bruises, his...
  17. ZeroK

    beatings Sweet Swings

  18. Hate

    beatings Crossing the thin blue line: curb stomp

    Sergeant, Eric Huxley is facing two felony charges and has been suspended without pay after body camera video showed him kick Jermaine Vaughn
  19. G

    Belarus Election Protests: Police Use Violence as Scare Tactic

    After the obviously rigged election which saw president Alexander Lukashenko re-elected with an 80% landslide victory, protesters have growing in numbers and police tactics have been getting more violent. The state has arrested more than 6000 people so far, the vast majority for simply being out...