1. lovestruck

    Crime She monkey brutally attacks and robs pregnant white woman with her children

    Another pregnant white woman attacked by these animals.
  2. Lord Gutsy

    accident Didn't see it coming

    A young woman, identified as Gabriela Oliveira, 18 years old, eight months pregnant, died after being run over by a runaway kombi while she was walking along a sidewalk. The victim was accompanied by her husband, Leonardo dos Santos, who survived the accident. The baby that the young woman was...
  3. DeathHand

    Preg Woman Dragged Thru Street - Warning to Rival Gang

    Haiti This reportedly pregnant woman was the wife of a member of a rival gang to the one who's dragging her through a street. The video was sent to the rival gang as a warning that all their wives would be killed. I think that this woman was eventually killed or died but the video doesn't show...
  4. Dolly

    Pregnant woman hammering her unborn child *UNBORN CHILD WARNING*

    Article stated her man had left her, so she sent him this video to get back at him, what a cunt, just heartbreaking