1. Cobh

    Raped by refugees

    In Pearse Street, Dublin. A muddle aged man was raped by 5 refugees. I think Ireland will soon end up like England.
  2. Cobh

    bizarre "Ukrainian" refugees in Ireland

    200,000 refugees coming, which is 4% of the republics population. Wonder how many like these will arrive.
  3. DeathHand

    Drowned Migrants of War 2

    In the next few sets are the bodies of people and children that had managed to escape their worn-torn countries. After surviving the perilous voyage from their former homeland and landing in Turkey, they risked another voyage: the 5 mile boat ride to Lesbos, Greece. The distance from the...
  4. DeathHand

    *Child Deaths* Drowned Migrants of War

    The stories of migrants drowning at sea while trying to reach the shores of Europe has been a top story in the news for quite a while. These people tend to come from war torn countries such as Somalia, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq (etc.). They pay traffickers hundreds or sometimes thousands of...