1. Nobbler

    bizarre Smashed The Wrong Persons Window.

  2. ZeroK

    bizarre Showering 🚿🚿

  3. ZeroK

    beatings The Water Hose Treatment

  4. ZeroK

    bizarre Car Thief Assaulted Grandfather

  5. Donkeyd

    Crime Victim of robbery offers $200k for return of HDD and a beating

  6. Punisher_1

    Girl beaten Dad gets revenge

    Dude beats his girlfriend but later on the father catches up and beats his ass. Sadly there is no blood and homie got off light.
  7. ZeroK

    beatings Child Abuser. Guess What's In The Bottle

  8. ZeroK

    bizarre Punishing A Thief

  9. Donkeyd

    bizarre Someone actually gave birth to this felony.

  10. ZeroK

    beatings Crowd Takes Out Robber

  11. Red-Footed Booby

    beatings Pedophile gets beat by family of 6 year old who was molested.

    Happened in Manaos, Brazil.
  12. Red-Footed Booby

    Men turn Burglar into piñata.

  13. punkduck

    fights Gay guy beats sisters bf for beating her. Class.⭐ ⭐ ⭐

    Guy knows how to fight. The loser really wanted to get back but went tits up for him a second time 😂 Kudos to our gay hero here 😂