1. Maleficent

    bizarre ~Robber Got A Surprise~

    According to information compiled by the Police, the deceased was identified as Fabio Alonso Gómez Ordóñez, alias El Alacrán, 42 years old. In the film material, it is observed when the victim gets out of his vehicle to enter his residence and there he was approached by the thief, who was...
  2. Maleficent

    bizarre Guy Shot In The Head During Struggle With Robbers

  3. Maleficent

    bizarre ~Robbers Had A Bad Day~

  4. Maleficent

    bizarre ~Punishment For Robbing Old Lady~

  5. Maven

    bizarre Knock knock

  6. Monkman777

    bizarre Store Owner Shot During Robbery

    The owner of a grocery store in Bairro Ancuri, in Fortaleza, was grazed in the head during a robbery this Wednesday (26). The man hit is 43 years old, and was rescued. The three robbers stole his vehicle, but details were not passed on whether money from the establishment was also stolen...
  7. ArmageddonWatcher

    Brazilian Street Justice pt. 3 (Learn 'em to Fly!) ↖️💥🚗

    So you go birdie! 😜
  8. momo19611


  9. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Two Black Men Tried To Rob Chinese Man and Paid The Price
  10. momo19611

    this is a warning and does not come back

  11. Mateo1

    Retired Cop Shoots Robbers in Oakland, California

    News story is here: What is highly unusual is that one of the robbers comes back for his friend and continues to engage in a gun battle (though only after seeing that the cop was wounded). Usually they run off or drive off immediately, often leaving their friends behind. The lesson if you are...
  12. Bumby

    Machete gang robbery

    Gang robs a restaurant
  13. Lol Dongs

    They Chose the Wrong Car to Steal

    Possibly Brazil