1. Donkeyd

    Serious LPG explosion in Romania

  2. WickedMal

    accident ~Close but No Cigar - Romanian Woman Fatally Struck by Train~

    :death: Brănești, Romania An elderly woman (sources differ over her age - either 68 or 73) was killed when she attempted to cross the railway lines while a train was passing through. Footage shows the woman disregarding the lowered barriers as she attempted to force her way through. At the...
  3. WickedMal

    accident ~3 Killed In Accident~ One Catapaulted Into A Tree~

    :skull: Romania ~ Three Romanians died and two others are in serious condition following a terrible accident in the Czech Republic on the highway when they were returning from Germany and the United Kingdom. Relatives of the victims went to the Czech Republic. The impact was captured by...
  4. DeathHand

    Military Officer Lynched 1989

    Back in 1989, as wide-spread protests against his dictatorship grew, Romania's Communist leader fled the country only to caught in Bucharest. He was tried and convicted of genocide and then executed, along with his wife. On the day that the leader fled, masses of protesters were gathering in...