1. TehBitch


    WARNING POINTS SYSTEM WE have a NEW WARNING SYSTEM. STARTING NOW THE FOLLOWING WILL BE PUT IN PLACED. *WARNING : REMINDER*(0 POINTS) This is a reminder to follow the RULES of the site. *WARNING: FLAMING/TROLLING OUTSIDE FLH* (+1 POINT) This warning is given to those Flaming/trolling outside...
  2. Donkeyd

    The Danny Devito rule

  3. TehBitch

    Serious *Chat Box Rules (Updated NOVEMBER 2021)

    **The Chat Box** >All Forum Rules must be followed in ALL CHAT ROOMS!< There are (2) chat rooms on Goregrish for users. The Underground FLH CHAT ROOM: Users can poke,tease,flame,be lame hate,troll..debate politics, religion etc.. until your balls fall off.. knock yourself out! Mass neggings...
  4. TehBitch

    Serious **NEW**Rules and Guidelines (Updated May 2023)

    «Please read these revamped RULES AND GUIDELINES. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the following rules, please PM a staff member.» «It is every member's responsibility to read and follow the rules. Ignorance is no excuse.» WE DO NOT DELETE ACCOUNTS. These rules notwithstanding...