1. TehBitch


    WARNING POINTS SYSTEM WE have a NEW WARNING SYSTEM. STARTING NOW THE FOLLOWING WILL BE PUT IN PLACED. *WARNING : REMINDER*(0 POINTS) This is a reminder to follow the RULES of the site. *WARNING: FLAMING/TROLLING OUTSIDE FLH* (+1 POINT) This warning is given to those Flaming/trolling outside...
  2. Donkeyd

    The Danny Devito rule

  3. TehBitch

    Serious Thread Starter Guidelines/Chat Room Rules

    **Thread Starter Guidelines** **New threads or post should always be created in the section to which it belongs—and for God's sake, STAY ON TOPIC.** New threads should have an accurate, descriptive title and/or a minimum of three tags pertaining to the material within. This is to aid members...
  4. TehBitch

    Serious The Forum Rules (Updated May 2023)

    Please read through our revamped RULES AND GUIDELINES. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the following rules, please PM a staff member or use the private staff contact thread or the public suggestions and questions forum. It is every members responsibility to read and...