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**Thread Starter Guidelines**

**New threads or post should always be created in the section to which it belongs—and for God's sake, STAY ON TOPIC.**

New threads should have an accurate, descriptive title and/or a minimum of three tags pertaining to the material within. This is to aid members using the SEARCH FUNCTION.

We do encourage eye-popping, funny, or imaginative titles to grab readers' attention... again, just make sure your title pertains to the information within.

Staff understand that reposted threads do happen. We will either merge, delete, or allow any staff noticed or reported thread, depending upon the age of the thread and possibly other factors.

*PLEASE PUT A WARNING LABEL/PREFIX ON SENSITIVE TOPICS* at this time, primarily topics containing animals and/or children.

** For more information on WHERE to post your content go here:

**Goregrish Chat Rooms**

There are (2) chat rooms on Goregrish for users.

*The Underground FLH chat room:
Users can poke, tease, flame, be lame, hate, troll..debate politics, religion etc.. until your balls fall off.. knock yourself out! Mass neggings will be allowed.

*The GG Safe Space Room:
This room is intended for those that wish to engage with others in a non FLH environment.
NO trolling, NO flaming, NO mass neggings, NO personal, attacks will be tolerated!!

Any user violating this will be PERMANENTLY BANNED from BOTH CHAT ROOMS.!
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