shot dead

  1. iheartbadmemes

    Crime Taken Out Search And Destroy Style

  2. DeathHand

    Brazil's Most Prolific Serial Killer Dead

    Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil, March 5, 2023: Pedro Rodrigues Filho (June 17, 1954 – March 5, 2023), also known as Pedrinho Matador, Killer Lil' Pedro, Killer Killer Petey, or simply Killer Petey, was a Brazilian serial killer, spree killer, and vigilante known for pursuing and killing exclusively...
  3. Monkman777

    Guns Sickle Vs Pistol

  4. WickedMal

    ~Domestic Violence Suspect Shot Dead In His Bed By Police~

    :death: The police department in Columbus, Ohio, released body-worn camera videos showing an officer fatally shooting a man in his bed during an attempt to serve an arrest warrant. D. L, 20, was unarmed when he was shot in the early hours of Tuesday by Ricky Anderson, a 30-year veteran of the...
  5. Monkman777

    Guy Gets Shot In His Car

  6. Monkman777

    disaster Never Bring A Machete To A Gunfight

  7. Coppernico

    Video of the moment when Shinzo Abe was shot during speech

    (8 July 2022) Japan ex PM Shinzo Abe was giving a speech in Nara when he was shot by a man armed with a homemade shotgun. The shooter missed the first shot but the second hit Shinzo. He died shortly after. There are some videos in the internet but most of them aren't clear since they're shaky...