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Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil,
March 5, 2023:

Pedro Rodrigues Filho (June 17, 1954 – March 5, 2023), also known as Pedrinho Matador, Killer Lil' Pedro, Killer Killer Petey, or simply Killer Petey, was a Brazilian serial killer, spree killer, and vigilante known for pursuing and killing exclusively suspected criminals as a teenager, between the age of 14 and 19, in particular an entire gang in response to the murder of his pregnant girlfriend. Officially sentenced for 71 murders but claiming to have killed over 100 drug dealers, rapists, and murderers, he served 34 years in prison (about 25 weeks per murder) before his release in 2007.

In 2011, Rodrigues was imprisoned again on charges of inciting riot and deprivation of liberty; he was sentenced to eight years in prison, but was released again in 2018 after seven years on good behavior.

Following Rodrigues' initial planned 2003 release from prison, author Jeff Lindsay began publishing a novel series about a fictional American serial killer of killers inspired by Rodrigues, named Dexter Morgan. The series's success, along with that of its 2006 television adaptation and 2022 revival, led to widespread retrospective media attention being brought to Rodrigues, with him becoming internationally known alternately both as the "Brazilian Dexter" and the "South American Punisher" (after the Marvel Comics character of the same name).

At about 10 a.m. on 5 March 2023, Rodrigues was shot and killed by two men firing from a car in Mogi das Cruzes, who then fled in another car. No suspects have been arrested.

1. Earlier in life.
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2. Later in life.
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Shame - he did a the world a favour by slaughtering scores of rapists and druggies. Plus he killed his own father in prison after his father was jailed for killing and disembering his mother. He was somewhat of a YouTube celebrity when he was eventually "going straight".

He certainly looks the part. Didn't know Dexter was inspired by a real person, very interesting.
An absolute rage machine. He's one bloke you wouldn't want to mess with. He killed a cell mate because he snored too much & on one occasion, was ambushed by 5 other inmates. He killed three of them and injured the other two 😂
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He probably killed someone's brother at some point and revenge has no time limit. Going to prison doesn't even the score.


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I suppose the least of the problems in these 3rd world Shit-Holes is allowing parole after you kill a bunch of people….. But doesn’t it seem super fucked up?
reading this thread reminded me, i know exactly one word of the brazilian brand of spanish "negruinho" translates roughly "little nigger"
good fit for most of the little bastards


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Once again another reason I hate these Latin idiot countries...shoulda just executed the retard the 1st time. Murder in South and Latin America is a national pastime