1. Ra's Al Ghul

    Latina Female found dead in bush with bullet wounds to head.

    Tranlsated off a Portuguease Chatroom. Google translated the comments. Cheers. \\ "OFF - Fernanda Soares Martins, 31, was murdered with six head shots and her body was found late Sunday afternoon, 30. The crime occurred in the municipality of Presidente Figueiredo, Metropolitan Region of...
  2. Maybe Maggot

    Killed to Death

    Gun jamming, stray dog, blunt machete.. Brazil methinks.
  3. Ra's Al Ghul

    Dominican Republic: two timing 19y/o girl killed and her 2nd boyfriend assaulted by the 1st boyfriend on last day of 2018!

    Yulianny a 19-Year-oldresident of Regla Villalona, was dating two men at the same time. One didn't like it so her year ended with a BANG! ;) Dominican Republic- Killed on 31/12/18 Deceased's Facebook: Yulianny' Facebook Young student died on the morning of this monday after receiving two...
  4. Mental Puppy

    Drug dealer paid a debt

    Manaus or formaly known as Barra do Rio Negro on 20th April 2018, 23 year old car washer, Alfeson Martins de Jesus was murdered. Alfeson's neighbours called the police after hearing shouting and gunshots. When the police arrived, they found Alfeson dead, in a hammock. A neighbour states that he...
  5. Mental Puppy

    Shots fired 2 deaths

    A shooting occurred December 31, 2017 at 4:45 pm in Causwagan, Talacogon. The victims were two brothers identified as Terso Precioso 47 years old, and Tony Precioso 20 years old. The two were followed by masked gunmen from a cockpit arena in the area. The weapon used was a cal. 45. Both died...
  6. emilythevicitm

    Woman Killed in Caruaru Brazil

    This woman was murdered on Tuesday the 18th. The unidentified victim is aged between 25 and 30 years old. She was shot with a 40 and 380 caliber. Next to the body police found 14 cartridges of the two calibers. It’s reported that there were at least thirteen bullet holes in the victim’s head...
  7. msr

    Surprise, I got something for you.

  8. SicMonster666

    Corpse of a man found dumped with half his face blown away

    At about 6:30 in the morning, the local residents of Samide, west of Maracaibo, Venezuela, found the body of young man. Half his face had been blown away by a shotgun blast at close range. The victim has not been identified yet. He was wearing blue shorts with two red stripes and a Futbol Club...
  9. SicMonster666

    Teens brutally executed

    Happened in Venezuela Oct-26-2016. No further info.
  10. SicMonster666

    2 teen girls found murdered after attending dance

    Two young girls were found dead after a invitation & attending a "Funk" dance. The girls ages 14 & 19 were murdered after being invited by "friends" of social networks. The murder occurred last Sunday, near a highway in Rio-Santos, in the city of Angra dos Reis. The bodies had multiple...
  11. SicMonster666

    Youngman shot 10 times then shot with a shotgun blast to the head

    The morning of Friday the 14th, 2016, a 22-year-old man was shot dead on a farm located in Boqueirão region in a rural area of Itaberaba. According to the military police, 5 known criminal came to where the victim lived, asked for the victim & when the man came to the front gate they executed...
  12. SicMonster666

    Thai man commits suicide live streaming it on Facebook

    A Thai man committed suicide by shooting himself in the head & live streaming the whole thing on Facebook. Info says that he was up to his ass in debt. It was also said that he was a heavy gambler. Just in the month of October alone he lost thousands of dollars. Owing money to family members &...
  13. Ra's Al Ghul

    couch potato !

    brazil, 30 yr old female killed by her teenage son with a shotgun bright coloured couch in a gloomy gloopy house!
  14. Mental Puppy

    Couple shot and killed

    On the evening of Thursday the 2nd, a couple was shot dead. According to the military police, the man identified as Washington 25 yrs old and a woman who have not had been identified were found with 380 caliber shots. The Civil Police investigtes the motivations that led to double murder and...
  15. Mental Puppy

    Sleeping friend shot...

    This is the first recorded murder in Caruaru, happened Sunday evening the 1st . The victim, 24 , was shot to death while sleeping in a friend 's house, he left his friend sleeping and when he returned, he found his friend dead on the mattress, he called the military police to report it. Was it a...
  16. Mental Puppy

    Ex lover gone a bit crazy

    On Saturday morning the 30th, a woman of 54 and her 24 year old daughter were killed by gunfire inside the residence where they lived. According to the first information of the civil police, the victims identified as Ana and her daughter Daniela were inside when a criminal identified as Edson...
  17. Mental Puppy

    Robber gets robbed of life

    Not much info here an ex-convict, Mikael, 25, was killed with about 8 38calibre shots, he may also have suffered asphyxiation and the body also had signs of torture showing cigarette burns. I'm thinking to possibly extract information. Mikael was suspected of having taken part in a robbery at a...
  18. Mental Puppy

    Bandits killed by the law

    On the morning of Wednesday the 20th Four bandits were killed in exchange of fire with police officers. According to military information, police had received an anonymous tip that a group of at least 10 men were acting suspicious inside a Recreation area. The military went to the place and were...
  19. Mental Puppy

    Girl shot and killed

    The murder execution took place in the early afternoon of Tuesday, April 19th, on a vacant lot, the victim Graziele 15 years was killed with 6 shots. Witnesses told police they heard several shots and when they came out to check what had happened, they found the girl dead under a tree...
  20. Mental Puppy

    Shot and killed

    (Saturday, 12th March) in the late morning, this 17 year old was visiting the area he was killed in. To visit his mother and step mother. He was found with one gun shot wound to the chest.
  21. Ra's Al Ghul

    Indian Female shot to death

    Patna,Bihar: in Patna incidents of crime are not stopping. Patna is the recent case of Jakknpur station, where criminals have shot dead a young woman from Indore. This event is on Monday morning. 23-year-old had to go to Patna Jain creation. She came out of the house,and was sitting in the...
  22. Nex

    Thug shot in the head after attempted robbery

    January 6th, 2016 Sao Paulo, Brazil Apparently he tried to rob military police at a bus stop, high speed car chased ensued and ended with the driver shot and one other run over.
  23. Nex

    One Brazilian shot, the other stoned

    January 1st, 2016 Caruaru, Brazil Two teenage boys were murdered. The first boy here, between 15-20 years of age was stoned to death after an argument with friends, and dragged away to a secluded location. The 19 year old here, also a user was shot in an alleyway. He asked his mother...
  24. Dr. Gauner

    2 Brothers Shot, Only One Survives

    Brazil | September 25, 2015 : Two brothers aged 18 and 22, both notorious for their thievery, were shot. Witnesses report seeing four people flee the scene on motorbikes. The younger brother was shot in the abdomen and take to the hospital. The oldest brother died at the scene.
  25. Dr. Gauner

    Man Shot to Death Inside His Residence

    In the early hours of September 22, 2015, a mason of 46 years was shot dead inside his residence. The victim was found dead lying on a couch in the house where he lived alone. Neighbors reported to police that they heard knocking on doors and firearm shots at dawn, and in the morning found the...
  26. Dr. Gauner

    Merchant Executed

    A 51-year-old merchant was murdered on September 20, 2015 in Santa Cruz. Various monitoring cameras installed on site are helping the police to identify the criminal who fled after committing the crime. According to reports the victim was driving a Toyota Hilux pickup truck when he encountered...
  27. Dr. Gauner

    Burglar Killed with Shot in the Face During Robbery

    Early on Monday the 14th a well-known assailant, identified as Bruno died of a shot in the face during a robbery . According to reports, four robbers raided a residence at about three in the morning. A couple and an elderly woman heard a noise inside the residence and when the owner went to...