1. DeathHand

    Spanish F-18 Hornet Fighter Jet Crash - Pilot Ejected Safely - Story n' Vid (2023)

    Fighter Jet Crashes in Spain "An F-18 fighter jet crashed at an airbase in the Spanish city of Zaragoza but the pilot ejected successfully, the Spanish defense ministry said Saturday. The aircraft landed within the perimeter of the base, the defense ministry said on Twitter. The base, which is...
  2. deviant2

    Machete Wielding Terrorist In Southern Spain

    One donkey diddler, one machete, two churches... Sacristan killed, Priest wounded.
  3. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre *Warning* Fucking Around with the bomb
  4. Donkeyd

    animals Another bull destroys a dumbass human

    Even anally probes him for good measure, thrown on a pallet and lifted out with his ass hanging.