1. 0111011000111

    In China, truck drives on you

  2. jKoBzKi

    Trike Accident. 5 Dead

    Happened this morning here in Lilion Cebu Philippines. Face out!
  3. bogies


  4. msr

    Truck Attack in Jerusalem

  5. Sky

    disaster Pedestrian runs to his death while truck loses control

    The fuck was this guy thinking?
  6. SicMonster666

    Elderly woman's head crushed in pedstrian vs truck accident

    An elderly 77 year old died after her head was crushed in an accident at the intersection of the street Fernando Corrêa da Costa with Bandeirantes avenue in the center of Rondonopolis (214 km from Cuiabá). The victim identified as Djanira Leite de Souza Gregory tried to cross the street when...
  7. SicMonster666

    Motorcyclist head is crushed in accident

    A motorcyclist died after his head was crushed by a truck on the Brazilian state route 040 in the city of Santa Maria. According to the Traffic Police, the victim, who's identity was not revealed, was driving his motorcycle along the highway when for unknown reasons ended up crashing against...
  8. Mental Puppy

    2 more motorcycle fatalities.

    A young woman aged 24 and a teenager were killed when the bike they were on was hit by a truck. The 24 year old was killed instantly when the truck tire ran right over her head. She had no other injuries which led me to believe cause of death to be heading squishing. Her teenage companion...
  9. Mental Puppy

    Killed by unknown truck

    No info on these other than a pedestrian was run over by a truck.
  10. Graziani

    truck killing girl

  11. D.O.A.

    Dutch motorcycle cop hit by a truck on purpose Cop was flown out and had his arm amputated, the truck driver is in jail and has been charged with attempted manslaughter.
  12. Dr. Gauner

    Man on a Bicycle Ran Over by a Truck

    At the end of the video are stills of the body. Happened in Thailand on September 21, 2015. The victim was 56.
  13. Graziani

    new position by truck

  14. Dr. Gauner

    Biker Fell Between Truck Wheels

    September 29, 2015. The driver of the trailer involved in the accident reported that the motorcyclist tried to make overtaking and lost control of the bike, falling between the wheels. The 62-year-old biker was badly hurt, even had an open fracture in his left leg. He ended up dying as a...
  15. Dr. Gauner

    Husband and Wife on Motorbike Hit by Truck

    September 16, 2015. The wife obviously died. The husband sustained leg injuries and is expected to survive.
  16. Dr. Gauner

    Dead Driver Lay Top Of His Truck

    Back on 7th September in Brazil, a truck driver crashed his vehicle leaving behind an interesting scene. From the damage seen, it looks to have come off the road and fallen down a steep slope.
  17. Dr. Gauner

    Motorcyclist Struck By Truck

    Happened on September 16th in Thailand. Looks to be some sort of cock fertility talisman gently lay amongst his possessions.
  18. Dr. Gauner

    Scooter Vs Truck With Deadly Consequences

    Happened in Thailand on September 10th. Deceased was 27yo.
  19. snatch

    spread thin/what,s left of a human who met a truck with their face

    bike riding drag. the heart stands alone.
  20. Graziani

    truck kills

  21. K

    Man On Motorcycle Shredded By A Truck

    Sorry if this has already been posted. A man on a small motorcycle was literally torn to shreds when he was hit by this large colorful truck. You can see several different body parts.
  22. DeadZone

    53 y/o Russian woman killed by reversing truck

    Seems she was in the blind spot or the driver simply wasn't looking where he was going or maybe a mix of both? Either way the truck was going at quite some speed I'm surprised she didn't hear it as it came closer!
  23. Graziani

    brakes the truck

  24. DeathHand

    Scooter vs Back of Truck

    Having ridden around on Harleys for years, I always sensed that the huge back end of a truck was like a barn door. This guy seems to have been one that could actually hit the barn door. Ayutthaya, Thailand, May 28, 2015. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  25. snatch


    one less leg to fuss with / the flappening
  26. snatch

    scooting under a truck

    like a watermelon
  27. CareeningCorpse

    Truck Rolls Over In Mazapil, Zacatecas, Mexico

    A truck rolls over in a parade killing 26 people and injuring 150.
  28. Graziani

    truck on the wall

    poor fucker
  29. DeathHand

    Truck Mangles Womans Leg

    A female foreigner who was knocked off her scooter by a big truck, leaving her with a mangled leg. I`m presuming that the dude with the tats and shaved head is her boyfriend. Prawet, Thailand, August 4, 2015 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  30. Graziani

    hit by a truck 2

  31. SicMonster666

    **DEAD CHILD WARNING** Squashed by truck

    Little squirt had no chance. :(
  32. D.O.A.

    Girl on a scooter, no match for a truck

    I think the phone might still be okay.
  33. Pibe Gore

    Motorcyclist with his head crushed by a concrete truck

    June 20, 2015 - Thailand - Another motorcyclist dies crushed by a "heavy vehicle"... Surprisingly he was wearing a helmet... :rofl:
  34. Pibe Gore

    Biker beheaded by truck

    The accident occurred today in Thailand.
  35. DeathsDoor

    Woman hit by a truck

    The victim lost her leg after a truck pinned her against a wall. The accident happened on Saturday afternoon in caririaçu.
  36. holyblacksun

    Aftermath of a deadly collision with a truck in Brazil

    Check also the video of this suicide mission here.
  37. KingSlayer

    Pickup Hit by a Truck

  38. my.eggs

    Farmer dies hit Own truck

    He died in the region of the Mata area in Rondônia , the businessman and farmer Norberto Lopes Amaral, popularly known as Beto Ki - bread , Ji -Parana pioneer. According to preliminary information, Beto was on his farm and he opened the gate of the property ended up forgetting to engage the...
  39. D.O.A.

    Motorcyclists head crushed by a water truck

    Figaro... Figaro... :brainhurts:
  40. D.O.A.

    Brazilian guy ran over by fully loaded truck

    "GOOD YEAR". Not.
  41. PowerDrill

    Only in China - Little girl flattened by Truck

    Little girl in China decides to play around a truck when it backed up and flattened her like a pancake. But man when her mom picks her up and tries to console is some heart wrenching stuff.
  42. DeathsDoor

    Under the wheels of a truck

    Both victims died at the scene.. Witnesses said the truck made a turn and the biker couldn't brake in time. Happy Damn Friday For Them.
  43. DeathsDoor

    Truck vs Biker

    The truck won again.
  44. SicMonster666

    Bikers head crushed by a truck

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 5/26/215. A 19 year old man was killed when he was run over by a truck traveling on a Brazilian highway.