1. pickle8486

    TRUMP Indicted, Whats Your Opinion?

    Just Curious as to what everyone here thinks about this. Especially considering numerous other presidents, vice presidents, members of congress and cabinet positions have been caught but never indicted.
  2. mystery_man

    Joe Biden and Trump Eating Spaghetti, but it's an AI generated nightmare

  3. Dr. Johnny Fever

    The Trump (aka ham sandwich) Indictment

    Thirty four charges of "falsifying business records in the first degree", while not quite a Nothing Burger it is the legal absurdity that a grand jury will indict a ham sandwich. When its all...
  4. ZeroK

    bizarre If He Had Said This Earlier I May Have Voted For Him

  5. Ivan Drago

    Serious FBI Search At Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home Tied To Classified Material, Sources Say
  6. MasochisticMommy

    US Politics Trump supporters say fuck BLM

    Two white New Jersey brothers have sparked outrage by reenacting the death of George Floyd while a group of Black Lives Matters protesters marched past them. The incident occurred on Monday in Franklinville, NJ. The brothers have been identified as Jim and Joe DeMarco. Jim worked for FedEx but...
  7. Gorgutz

    Trump tweets against Trans in US Army Fags BTFO. Salt will be mined for decades to come. Brace for Pence the Electric Fence deliver some shock therapy to the multicolor masses.