1. Kelc

    Gangs Who do cartels pick as their victims in their brutal torture execution videos?

    As title says, want to know who the victims are in those brutal Latin America cartel videos? I would assume they're rival cartel members or traitors? Since I don't speak Spanish, I don't know the context when they sometimes make speeches or interview the victim before execution.
  2. Donkeyd

    Crime Victim of robbery offers $200k for return of HDD and a beating

  3. IGotaStratForKilling

    If You Were A Grand Master Of A Red Room And You Had One Victim To Kill What Would You Do To The Victim?

    If You Dont Know What A Red Room Is You Must Be Living Under A Rock. Red Rooms Are A Website On The Dark Web Usually Is Hosting A Livestream Where There Is Who Knows How Many Victims Shown Being Murdered And The People Watching Gets To Pick What Happens To The Victim But I'm Order To Pick What...