1. Eric Blair

    F-16s head to Ukraine to begin flights this summer 🛩️ 🇺🇦

    FROM POLITICO Excerpt from article/first few paragraphs: “American-made F-16s to Ukraine, with hopes that the fighter jets will quickly be in the skies to help Kyiv defend itself against Russian air onslaughts. The U.S., Denmark and the Netherlands announced during the NATO Summit in...
  2. D.O.A.

    Funny Killing an African warlord

  3. Nimrod101z

    Destroyed Russian Pantsir-S1 Air Defence Systems

    Couple images of strikes on Russian Pantsir-S1 air defence systems in the Kharkiv direction by the from the 3rd “Spartan” brigade 🛡 of the NSU 🇺🇦 with another destroyed S1 in the Donetsk region being shown below A single Pantsir-S1 has the price tag of around $15,000,000
  4. Norme DePlume

    Russian Security Services Overwhelmed in Terrorist Attack

    Terrorist attacks in southern Russia: What we know so far Gunmen kill police, priest in attacks on places of worship in Russia’s Dagestan What's interesting is again how long it took for Russian security services to stop the attackers like the recent concert attack in Moscow where even with...
  5. Bethy 🔥

    War Russian Soldier Caught Looting Got Fucked Off

    Denis Cibenko lived a normal life in Russia. He had a beautiful blonde wife and made a good impression on those around him. As soon as he crossed the Ukrainian border in the uniform of a Russian soldier, he became a beast. He looted, robbed corpses and probably murdered innocent civilians. When...
  6. asiki

    China Land Bureau Chief Kills Pregnant Woman on Street

    On June 6, in one of the urban areas in Jiangxi Province, China, which is equivalent to the state of Texas in the United States, the director of the Bureau of Land Management killed a pregnant woman on the street. At that time, the director suddenly drove into a crosswalk, killing a pregnant...
  7. Nimrod101z

    ☠️ May 2024 was a BLOODBATH for Russian Troops! ☠️

    The Average Russian Personnel Casualties in May were over 1,200 Per Day.
  8. asiki

    Explosions occurred in all cities, China became the Ukraine of Asia

    Starting in 2024, China's public security will deteriorate at an accelerated pace, and vicious incidents will occur every day in every city. I think China is now similar to Gaza, and a war without gunpowder has begun. On May 1, 2024, a highway landslide in Guangdong resulted in the death of...
  9. asiki

    China's 20,000-horsepower, 4,000-ton aircraft carrier engineering ship sank in the military exercise area

    Starting on May 24, the Chinese Navy announced that it will conduct military exercises around Taiwan, including in the waters of eastern China, where warships, submarines and fighter jets are scattered. On May 27, a Chinese engineering ship sank in the East China Sea. The Communist Party...
  10. Clam

    Serious Chinese getting ready to invade Taiwan. Out walking the armed dog.

  11. Nimrod101z

    Aftermath of Massive ATACMS Strike in Belbek Airfield in Crimea

    Aftermath of Massive ATACMS Strike in Belbek Airfield in Crimea - 2 destroyed MiG-31s - 1 destroyed Su-27 - 1 damaged MiG-29 - Destroyed fuel and lubricants depot - Destroyed Radar and Launcher of the S-400 System Destroyed Radar and Launcher of the S-400 System
  12. sgrass

    Dead Ukrine female soldier

    Anyone know if the photo is truly a female soldier
  13. Nimrod101z

    The Dead and the Captured in War

    Russian Dead and Captured. :skull: High Cost of Russian Advancement on the Frontlines :zombie::poison: In the Zaporizhzhia region, Ukrainian fighters captured the Rashist. This Patriotic Russian wrote to Orchihi that he wanted a barbecue from the severed limbs of Ukrainian fighters.
  14. Nimrod101z

    Russian Agents of the 5th Service of the FSB tasked to kill President Zelensky Captured by Ukraine Security Service (SBU)

    The SBU exposed a network of agents of the 5th service of the FSB of the Russian Federation who were preparing the assassination of the President of Ukraine: two colonels of the UDO were detained. To carry out the crime, they planned to use FPV drones, charges for RPG-7, as well as MON-90...
  15. wiggins

    War Battle damage Berlin from ww2

    I'm currently on vacation in Berlin. I was at the local cemetary today and took some pics of the bullet and flak damage to a grave site. I include that below. More to come over the next few weeks...
  16. Donkeyd

    War CBS news released these photos 20yrs ago today

  17. MrAspecty

    War Donations from China to the russian military showcasing drawings

    🇨🇳💥 🇺🇦"Destroy the Nazi bastards!" - the Chinese began to actively donate to the Russians for drawings and inscriptions on shells It is interesting that some of the shells are of Iranian origin. Ukrainian Nazi resources write about this. “There is a whole z-tnik account on Twitter that does...