1. C

    Shootout dream

    the idea of being in a shootout or a firefight has always excited me. just me and someone else going at it with AR's and a shit ton of ammo. bullets whizzing and flying by, probably the most exciting moment someone could ever be in. not knowing if one of those little brass fuckers could lay a...
  2. Maybe Maggot

    Syrian Teenager Blown Apart But Still Alive

    From a recent attack in the town of Maret Numan, in Idlib, Syria.

    Gore Classic Chechen war beheading's

    At 11:30 Russian soldier said: "Don't do that, please. I don't wanna die" and they laughing at him. He is fucking crying and screaming "Mother, I wanna live" It's fucking horrible cuz this soldier not get paid for this war, he is not accept contract or something. He was obliged to go to Chechnya...
  4. cadaver1

    ISIS Sniper

    New isis sniper
  5. cadaver1

    ISIS machine gun execution

    NEW: Captives Executed with Machine Guns and Pistol by ISIS in Iraq | theYNC
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    ISIS new

  7. cadaver1

    ISIS need too step up their game

    ISIS | theYNC
  8. cadaver1

    These kids got fucked up

  9. cadaver1

    ISIS Sniper compilation

    ISIS Sniper Compilation 2019 | theYNC
  10. cadaver1

    New terrorist GoPro Vid

    New Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham Execute Soldiers With Supressed Guns {GoPro} | theYNC
  11. cadaver1

    kurdish militant learns a lesson

    Kurdish militant get tortured by Turkish paramilitary (R)
  12. cadaver1

    4 Beheaded ISIS memebers

  13. cadaver1

    Combat footage

    Combat & Executions | theYNC
  14. cadaver1

    Kurds detonate car bomb

  15. cadaver1


  16. cadaver1

    Dead PKK

    PKK killed in a package of Islamic state fighters on the village road, | theYNC
  17. cadaver1


    ISIS Barbaries In Sinai | theYNC
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    New Isis Kills in HD | theYNC
  19. cadaver1

    ISIS [The opposition meet their maker]

  20. cadaver1

    New ISIS (I think they get the idea that they are loosing)

    ISIS Recent Combat Footage {Edited} | theYNC
  21. cadaver1

    Not the greatest ISIS video

    Butcher Knife Beheading and Machine Gun ISIS | theYNC
  22. cadaver1

    ISIS blowing up cars

    New video ISIS | theYNC
  23. cadaver1

    Soldier triggers IED

  24. cadaver1

    new isis vid

    CrazyShit.com | new isis video show soldiers killed in battle - Crazy Shit! Its a good propaganda video from these scumbag swines.
  25. cadaver1

    ISIS Sniper killing soldiers

    BRUTAL new isis sniper killing several soldiers | theYNC
  26. cadaver1

    The usual bullshit in Iraq

    CrazyShit.com | brutal soldiers in iraq battle - Crazy Shit!
  27. cadaver1

    Bayonet and Baby

  28. DeathHand

    Azerbaijani-Armenian Conflict 2

    The Armenian military took up their position on the top of a tall hill that overlooked any approach from the ground. This was in an area of disputed land that was technically in Azerbaijan. After waves of attacks by tanks, soldiers, artillery and helicopters the Armenians finally retreated...
  29. D

    Croatian troops break into pieces of Serbian soldiers during the Yugoslav War in the 1990s

    this video was shot by soldiers from the Croatian army in 1995 in Bosnia and shows the bodies of Serb-shot Serb soldiers by Republika Srpska's army. The military operation, codenamed "Storm", aimed to expel Serb occupiers from the Croatian - Bosnian lands during the war of independence. Just...
  30. cadaver1

    More dead kids

  31. cadaver1

    Iraq War

  32. 0111011000111

    Bull's eye!!

    This vid is about a year old and I am fairly sure it is not here yet. *Bull's eye*
  33. Jon E(vil)

    Go-pro footage of 'terrorists/rebels' losing battle.

    Interesting because its not media produced, just raw footage, with just one edit near the end. There lack of training seem evident, even from complete lack of any tactical knowledge. Lots of bullets are flying, one boke gets one in the leg near the end.
  34. machilee

    Dead Female PKK YPJ YPG Soldiers Collection

    Dead Female YPJ YPG PKK rebels collections
  35. Jon E(vil)

    Suicide bomber blows himself up.

    Cornered he sets off the explosives, flies thru the air. The YNC
  36. Vasto7

    Fuck War

    War is nice,so are pigs!
  37. Tanya

    War in Donbass

    Ukrainian Nazis bombarded the city Khartsyzsk (Donetsk People's Republic). A young girl has perished
  38. DeathHand

    ISIS: Machine Gun Execution

    Two captured Syrian soldiers are executed by a member of ISIS/ISIL, both being shot point-blank in the back of the head with a heavy machine gun. Some nice head blasting in this one. And if you don't know yet, turn your speakers down incase the singing is loud, lol. ;) Syria, Nov. 17, 2016...
  39. DeathHand

    Syria: TOW Missles

    I tell ya, these vids are a bitch to get off sites like Twitter. They should just have a Share button like YouTube...honest. Anyways, no extreme gore in these two vids but whatever gore did happen on the ground can be imagined. In both cases, one of the many Syrian rebel factions, in this case...
  40. DeathHand

    ISIS Beheads Football Players

    Tried a search on these ones but came up with nothing. ISIS doesn't like things like soccer, football or whatever and went after 4 well known (in Iraq, that is) football players and their coach: accusing them of spying for the Peshmerga. The 5 men were presented to the public before being...
  41. DeathHand

    Elderly Civilians Executed

    A very short 'war' (called the 'Four-Day War) involving Armenian and Azerbaijani forces targeted a disputed area that lies between the two countries. The region is known as Nagorno-Karabakh and has tried to claim independence by becoming a republic. Hostilities have been going on for a few...
  42. SicMonster666

    Isis executes men with a shotgun for spray painting

    Men were executed for spray painting anti-ISIS graffiti.
  43. Lovinight

    Paris is at War!

  44. DeathHand

    Dead Soldiers: Ukraine War

    For the most part, the conflict in the Ukraine has subsided. There were alot of images that surfaced on the net that I posted here: Ukraine Conflict - Ongoing. Alot of video coverage was also released that I didn't post in the Vids/War section. This first set will contain 4 videos that were...
  45. DeathHand

    SAF Nails FSA Fighters

    A large number of FSA (Free Syrian Army) fighters were wiped out by SAF (Syrian Armed Forces) fighters when they attempted to attack a town in Aleppo. The FSA gathered the dead SAF and paraded them through town on a flatbed tractor trailer. Ayn-Daqnah, Aleppo, Syria, April 28, 2016. 1. 2...
  46. DeathHand

    ISIS: Child Detonates Car

    An ISIS child soldier uses remote control to detonate an explosive laden car that contains 4 suspected spies. Raqqa, Syria, Feb. 2016. Vid link below will open a new window/tab. <ahref="http://dl.daesh-news.com/daesh/2016/02/avc_Untitled1.mp4" target=_blank"></a>[/URL]