1. Nobbler

    fights Sausage Roll Wars. Fight outside Greggs.

  2. selfyo

    IDF reuploaded their staged evidencevideo after they realized they forgot toblur their own laptop and charger withQl-148 written on it.

    IDF reuploaded their staged evidencevideo after they realized they forgot toblur their own laptop and charger withQl-148 written on it. Cheap Zionist lies will be discovered, worldwide.
  3. selfyo

    Hamas release Hostages

    Hamas release Israeli Hostages. This Video was banned in every western Zionist controlled Social Media. Is this Terrorist looks like?
  4. Nimrod101z

    Russian KIA

  5. Brother Birt

    War Israel v Hamas Cease-Fire Approved

    Jerusalem- A four day cease fire between Israel and Hamas began in the Gaza strip on Friday, with Israel committing to a pause in its offensive in return for the freeing of around 50 women and children from among the hostages held by the Palestinian militant group. The cease fire, which was...
  6. Nimrod101z

    Uncollected Russian Dead

    Thousands of DEAD Russian Soldiers left to Rot out in the Open Uncollected.
  7. Nimrod101z

    Assault Group Liquidated

    Russian Assault Group Liquidated trying to take a Ukrainian Position in Bakhmut Sector
  8. Nimrod101z

    Decimation of RA Assault Group

    Decimated Russian Assault Group in Avdiivka Offensive
  9. Nimrod101z

    Night Raid Casualties

    Russian KIA's during a Night Raid by UA Special Forces
  10. Nimrod101z

    UA Special Forces Captured Positions of Russian Arm Forces - Several Prisoners Taken

  11. Nimrod101z

    Everything According to Plan Gerasimov reported to Putin in Avdiivka Offensive

    The General Commander of the Ruzzian army Gerasimov reported to Putin that everything is going according to plan in Avdiivka Offensive
  12. Bethy 🔥

    Warning:Children Innocence Lost 💔

  13. Monkman777

    bizarre Press Conference Among The Dead

  14. Nimrod101z

    Mass Russian Casualties in the Avdiivka Offensive

  15. Tawman

    What a way to go

    Imagine explaining this to the loved ones
  16. Bethy 🔥

    Warning:Children Dead Palestine Children

  17. Punisher_1

    Random Israel war vids

    Solid gun fight Take note some Palestinian fags tried some shit in Florida and got slapped we are not New York Some trash has blown up against the White House fence Leftist lies from a few years back... no wars under Trump but Biden is riding the wave to WW3 There is a load of whoop ass...
  18. Punisher_1

    disaster Firefight and large strike on gaza

  19. Vwj


    Is that it? A counter offensive of a couple of rockets? What you guy reckon? Over or getting ready?
  20. Punisher_1

    War Death to Palestine - HAMAS

    This will offend and I don't care. In the world of good and evil, we know the Islamos are evil in large part. So time to fire up the tanks and roll them the fuck right into the ocean.
  21. Bethy 🔥

    War Dead Civilians In Israel

    There are already a lot of dead civilians in Israel. Corpses lie at public transport stops, in the middle of the streets. Al Jazeera reports: Israel declares a state of emergency within a radius of 80 km from the Gaza Strip. This allows the military to restrict gatherings and close areas. The...
  22. Bethy 🔥

    Bombing Aftermath

  23. Preacher

    Ukraine: When luck is on your side.

    The soldiers who were nearby and saw this had their asses filled with questions...
  24. Pallgang_13

    War Ukrainian equipment captured from different countries was brought to the exhibition at Patriot Park (Russia).

    Western equipment captured by the Russian army in Ukraine put on display. Among the exhibits you can see the French AMX-10RC, the Swedish CV9040C infantry fighting vehicle, the Finnish XA-180 armored personnel carrier, the Australian Bushmaster armored car, as well as the British Husky TSV...
  25. Irishrepublic

    Irish war of independence

    The bodies of brothers Pat and Harry Loughnane who were brutally murdered by the Royal Irish Constabulary in November 1920. They were arrested while working on their farm and tortured for days before they were eventually killed and their bodies burned. They were chained to the back of a...