1. Punisher_1

    Oh shit Ivan you are fucked!

    Well here is a bit of propaganda but ya, Russians are in for a hard time.
  2. FrogOne

    Dedicated to the Wagner PMC, their victories & their defeats :

    If you liked or disliked the Wagnerites, find a pic or a vid and post it : In Syria with a snitch: These two PMC were captured, tortured, and executed by Syrian rebels: Their boss ordered these Special APC for convoy protections, they are dubbed Wagner Wagon. Local troops working...
  3. Specific Redacted

    obey War censorship

    Just a question for the admin if they are able to comment. Who is it thats sticking their finger into all the Ukraine war threads around shock/gore websites ? It seems that most sites who had photos, footage have ran into problems with such threads being deleted and sites going offline.
  4. Monkman777

    War Pilot Body Found After 55 Years

    German pilot shot down in 1943 and discovered preserved in a bog in 1998.
  5. DeathHand

    War Carnage on the Zhytomyr Highway, Ukraine (2022)

    Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine, March 2022 Ukrainian civilians attempted to flee as Russian forces moved into their area but a number of them were shot and killed in their vehicles and some on foot along their only escape route, on the Zhytomyr highway. Involved in these civilian deaths/shootings was one...
  6. Dirlwanger

    War Depleted Uranium Rounds For Project Ukraine - cancer and birth defects on sight

  7. Bethy 🔥

    War War Is Hell

    PMC Wagner fighters continue to smash the Armed Forces of Ukraine despite their resistance and advance in urban areas and flanks around the city.
  8. Bethy 🔥

    Warning: Children HIMARS Shelling

    Zhutkiye kadry iz Pereval'ska (LNR): v rezul'tate segodnyashnego obstrela pogibli 3 cheloveka Po predvaritel'nym dannym v rezul'tate obstrela HIMARS, kotoryy prishelsya na rayon u avtostantsii, pogibli troye mirnykh zhiteley, sredi kotorykh 16-letniy podrostok. Odnomu iz muzhchin razneslo...
  9. FlatLiner21

    Russian soldier with tunnel vision pays ultimate price while rushing Ukrainian trench. Gets smoked by the Predator.

    Russian soldier gets smoked by the Predator
  10. D.O.A.

    The moment the USA traded "The Lord of War" for a WNBA player

  11. DeathHand

    War Dead Soldiers, Civilians, Destruction: Ukraine-Russia Conflict (Mega Comp)

    This thread will be much the same as the other one I had before it had to be deleted, along with most other similar posts a while back. It'll contain images of dead soldiers (both sides), dead civilians and the destruction of the war. Some images can be obtained in sets for the same events but...
  12. D.O.A.

    Captain Chadski

  13. Bethy 🔥

    War Results Of Shell Hits

    At night, as a result of a shell hit, a residential building was destroyed in Zaporozhye (under the control of Ukraine) It is known about 3 dead. Also, 11 people have already been removed from the rubble. The Ukrainian authorities say that 3 floors of the building were destroyed, and the blow...
  14. Goregrish.com

    Video & Image Request Thread

    Post your Video/Image Requests here and hopefully the members will be able to help :D
  15. Monkman777

    bizarre Workout In Between Battle

  16. ana_katana

    Vukovar 1991.

    Since the war in Ukraine started I have PTSD of war becouse of this, this is what happened to my people. Vukovar has fallen 18.10.1991. Every year Croats and those who feel the pain with us come to Vukovar and give respect to all whom died.

    Women executed pics and vid? 1880-2023

    Would love to see a compilation of ladies being terminated for a cause. Modern the better. Kisses -Joz
  18. DeathHand

    isis ISIS Mega: Flashback Images Of The 20'teens

    During the 20'teens there was so much coverage (photos & vids) of ISIS in Syria and Iraq that I ended up with a huge number of ISIS-related war images, so I think that instead of posting up a bunch of separate threads for each battle or scene that I'd just pop them all up into a mega thread...
  19. DeathHand

    War Dead Al-Nusra Fighters in Syria (2014 Flashback)

    Currently we have war gore from the ten month old Russian invasion of the Ukraine but from about 2013 to around 2017 this, along with ISIS and al-Qaeda, was our war gore: al-Nusra's Syrian jihadists vs Bashar al-Assad's Syrian regime during the Syrian Civil war. For those not familiar with this...
  20. wiggins


    I thought I knew a lot about ww2 but only recently discovered Sobibor. It was a mechanised killing camp along the lines of Treblinka, using the same techniques of subterfuge. Train loads of 5000 would be 'processed' within a few hours. People would be apologised to for the 'terrible train...
  21. DeathHand

    War Dead Boko Haram Fighters Killed (Feb. '21)

    *Boko Haram is an ISIS-aligned jihadist group based in Nigeria. For years, Boko Haram has been conducting a lethal jihadist insurgency in the country’s north to drive out government forces and establish an Islamic state. Feb. 2021, Marte, Borno State, Nigeria: The Nigerian 402 Special Forces...
  22. Deadkennedy

    War Protests in Chechnya (Putin's Buddy)

    Translated from Russian to English from a Russian Source. "It is very hot in Chechnya right now: Ramzan Kadyrov ordered the residents of Urus-Martan, who yesterday witnessed the conflict between a traffic cop and a SOBR officer, to be sent to war with Ukraine. All due to the fact that they did...