1. Cold Ethyl

    Copper Age necropolis unearthed in Italy contains skeletal remains and still-sharp weapons, maybe from ancient warriors

    Archaeologists in Italy have unearthed a Copper Age necropolis that contains nearly two dozen tombs and a collection of weapons. The discovery was made in November at San Giorgio Bigarello, a municipality in northern Italy, during the construction of a community garden. However, researchers had...
  2. Cold Ethyl

    A Large Copper Age Necropolis Discovered in Italian Town

    The discovery of the large necropolis has proved to be a surprise both in terms of the quantity of excavated tombs, a total of 22, and the archaeological data that promise to be very valuable for researchers. The unexpected number of graves and the exquisitely crafted weapons discovered in some...
  3. Cobh

    beatings Beaten by gang

    In Cork, Ireland. Man beaten by gang.
  4. ZeroK

    bizarre Sticks & Bricks

    Combatants Agree Not To Use Guns
  5. SeekingReality

    fights Another Fight Where The Guy With Crutches Was In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time...😄

    Note to all with crutches? as you saw from the other vid also, steer clear of fights.😄
  6. GötterdÀmmerung

    Cache of weapons found at Border Blockade.

    A search of three trailers at the Coutts, Alberta border crossing blockade produced a cache of semi-automatic rifles, scoped hunting rifles, handguns, ammunition and body armour. 13 people so far have been arrested. A spokesperson for the protestors has said "We were infiltrated by an extreme...
  7. F

    The assault of IS in Sinai 2021

    The assault of the soldiers of Islamic State against local militia [Sahawat soldiers] in the middle of the province of Sinai in Egypt and they killed and injured more than five soldiers of them .