A New UNIVERSAL Holiday!


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I wonder if it's a paid one? LINK

If you thought Columbus Day was the only big holiday in early October, you thought wrong.
This weekend is the annual Interplanetary Conclave of Light, a holiday so big it takes up two days (Oct. 9-10) and 33 planets, including Po, Vidus and Anzea. Who cares if most mainstream "astronomers" don't recognize Po -- it doesn't mean they don't recognize as as "Space Brothers."
Sadly, the only real acknowledgment of the Conclave will be at Balboa Park in San Diego, were members of the Unarius Academy of Science will lead the intergalactic festivities.
As the great David Moye writes, the Unarius Academy has been predicting alien contact since UFO buff Jimmy Carter occupied the White House... and believe that flying saucers will some day land in Jamul, Calif., about 30 miles east of San Diego... where they'll create the planet's first universal university.
But for now, the Unarians will celebrate with shrimp tacos at a local restaurant called Brigantine.
So next time you see a light moving slowly across the sky, sure -- it could be a plane or a satellite.


It's was also Lief Erikson day on Sunday, meant to celebrate Nordic-American history and culture.. you won't see that written on a calendar though. No one even knows about it. :\