Australian Man Shoots Himself 3 Times Before Expiring


Dead Meme
Australian Man Shoots Himself 3 Times Before Expiring

I have to give this guy credit for superhuman endurance, but all things considered, he should have gone with a sawed-off to the forehead or something.

The most likely chain of events in this intriguing case was as follows.

The man had taken the shotgun, which measured 885 mm from muzzle to trigger, and loaded four 12 gauge No. 2 shot shell cartridges into the tubular magazine, cocked the weapon and loaded a cartridge from the magazine into the breech.

He then got into a stooped position near the sand pile adjacent to the rock wall of the backyard. The butt of the shotgun was most likely resting on the ground, with the gun held to the right of the deceased and the muzzle in contact with the centre of the chest. He used the fingers or thumb of the right hand to pull the trigger. The shot charge and wad entered the subcutaneous tissues at a low angle, travelled outside the rib cage, and exited on the left side of the chest. The remainder of the shot charge, wad and particulate matter then hit the rock retaining wall. The action of the shotgun was then cycled, ejecting the shell case onto the sand pile.

The man then walked to the vehicle. He loaded another cartridge from the magazine into the breech of the shotgun. Holding the shotgun to his right, with the left hand holding the barrel muzzle against his throat, he used the fingers or thumb of the right hand to pull the trigger. The shot charge and wad entered the right front side of his throat and exited on the left, taking a fragment of lower jaw with it.

After this second shot was fired, the shotgun most likely fell to the ground, where the action opened and ejected the shell case onto the ground. The impact also caused an unspent cartridge to fall out onto the ground.

The deceased then walked about 136 metres to the hill slope. He loaded the last cartridge from the magazine into the breech of the shotgun, then removed his shoes and lay on the ground on his left side. With the gun in front of him, he held the barrel with both hands, with the muzzle in contact with his chest. He used his toes to discharge the shotgun.

The shot and wad entered the lower chest area and penetrated up into the chest cavity, demolishing the heart. The shotgun then fell to the ground, causing the action to open. The body then slid a short distance down the slope.

At the coronial inquest, the Coroner and the lawyer representing the family of the deceased both attempted to replicate the man's supposed actions with the shotgun. The Coroner, some 20 cm taller than the deceased, with a longer reach, demonstrated that the barrel of the weapon was so long that, with a finger or thumb of the right hand on the trigger, the barrel could only contact the chest at an angle of about 45 degrees at best. Similarly, when the shotgun was held with its muzzle against the side of the neck, the barrel pointed forward and upward, as the right hand had to be a little to the rear of the body to press the trigger. These demonstrations explained why the first two attempts were not fatal, while the increased reach obtained by using a toe on the trigger resulted in the immediately fatal third attempt.

Marty Mcfly

Indeed. Tough bastard. Have not seen Keef post for a while...could this be the proof of God Spam Donkeh was looking for? I don't believe in miracles


Are larger shells are illegal in Australia? Or was this guy too stupid to buy something more effective?
Illegal and no longer sold. They were probably old shells he had from before the ruling back in the mid 90's
Even though over 700,000 firearms were handed in during the amnesty, many people hung onto theirs.
So yes, illegal to purchase shells for a firearm that's illegal


He should have put it I his mouth and pulled the trigger...:facepalm: