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K.K killed eight children and once security guard in "Vladislav Ribnikar" school, in Belgrade.
A 13-year-old boy opened fire in a classroom in an apparently planned attack that killed eight children and a school security guard and injured a further six pupils as well as his teacher.


Police named the shooter as K.K and said he had been a pupil at the school in the centre of the Serbian capital since 2019. They said he had used two of his father’s guns for the shooting and may have been plotting the attack for a month. His father was taking him regularly to shooting range (by the law, underage people mustn't be in shooting range where firearms are used) and taught him to use firearms. It was unexpected for a child to know to use firearm properly, meaning that K.K was training with father's pistol. K.K knew how to replace mag and aim. Pistol was CZ Shadow 2 Black cal 9x19mm of the Czech production.

Mass shootings in Serbia, and in the wider Balkan region, are extremely rare. None have been reported at schools in recent years. In 2013, a Balkan war veteran killed 14 people in the central Serbian village of Velika Ivanča.

Serbian government is working on law adjustment which will introduce more restrictions on firearms.

Sad and never again!

Sources: The Guardian, Blic (Serbian)


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To bad they don't have common sense gun laws like the US does that you have to be 21 to buy a gun.


They said he used his father's guns so what would that law have prevented?
After this incident, Serbian govt gave 30 days of time for illegal gun owners (and legal too) to give their weapons to the police. This is different because in this one month, owners could've given weapons of ANY type without going under investigation. As I've heard, in this country it's legal just to have pistol or revolver (with a license ofc), so having police to find out your AK47 or similar would've taken you to prison for years. They were forgiving just this one month, the day after mass shooting occurred, where you could've just give your weapon and go home.
Of course this is not even close to the solution, because on Balkan, weapons are more common than Coca-Cola.