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inappropriate behavior

Your apology is accepted :)

Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to a residence on Jade Lane in Sherwood after callers reported a bull running through the yards in the area. According to the report, a deputy arrived at the home and noticed a man slapping the bull on the head and leading him across the yard. The bull then reportedly pinned the man between the deputy's patrol car and "tried to mate with him." The report says the bull "stood up on his back legs" and his front legs "hit the hood of the car," causing minor damage to the patrol unit. The bull then left the yard and began following a truck down the road. The man said that he was not injured and did not give the officer time to get his information for a report. Two other men stopped to help catch the bull. One of them owned a pasture in the area, and the bull was lead there for safe-keeping until its owner could be located. Photographs were taken of the bull and of the damage to the patrol car. The owner of the bull said it had never gotten out, but he would go pick it up. The officer advised the owner of the damage to his car and the man said he understood that he could be held responsible for damages.

at least the bull did not succeed to mate lol

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