Chan Ka-Chun


Chan Ka-Chun

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Classification: Serial killer
Characteristics: Rape - Robberies
Number of victims: 3 +
Date of murders: 1996 - 1997
Date of birth: 1972
Victims profile: Cheung Wah-mei, 29 / Tam Ngan-hang, 23 / Yu Wai-man, 24 (hostesses)
Method of murder: Suffocation with a pillow / Stabbing with knife
Location: China
Status: Sentenced to life in prison on January 13, 1999

January 13, 1999 - Chan Ka-chun

A Chinese serial killer found guilty of "unimaginable" crimes was sentenced three life terms for murdering three hostesses, and plotting the killing of a fourth woman. Chan Ka-chun, 27, was also given 26 years for twice raping a fourth victim who survived, and plotting to murder her.

His accomplice, Chan Ki-nang, 29, who denied murdering two hostesses, was given two life sentences.

A third conspirer, Leung Sze-lai, 23, was sentenced to 12 years in jail after pleading guilty to raping the surviving victim three times and plotting to rob her. He also admitted the manslaughter of one of the hostesses.

The first two victims, Cheung Wah-mei, 29, and Tam Ngan-hang, 23, were suffocated with a pillow.

The third, Yu Wai-man, 24, resisted more strongly and was stabbed. Tam's corpse was found floating in a bag at Chi Ma Wan in August 1996.

The other two bodies were recovered in March 1997 when Chan Ka-chun led police to them after his arrest.