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Yeah a lot of bad things happened to random people and relatives of communists and suspected communists, a lot of people don't know how bad it was, women, minors were being raped and tortured for information. Raped by dogs in rare instances , murdering, heli tours, water boarding, common torture methods all to just stamp out communism in the Latin portion, another stomping out of commies happen in messico, messico Olympics incident is the reason why those browners barely own guns legally any more.


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One of the dirtiest murdering bastards the world has had and backed to the hilt by the US and the UK even though they knew what he was doing to the population.

We should start giving out free Pinochet Helicopter Rides for all the anti-American wannabe Communists and Marxists that reside in the country. Start with any and all members of Antifa, then go for anyone in the Biden administration.
You seem to love murderous regimes.

USA destroyed many countries that's why it is the most hated country in the world and I hope she will fall down soon
Us is the biggest threat in todays world but the US population are too brainwashed to see it.