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Chinese and Vietnamese people have very different ways of drinking beer. Drink until the stomach can't stand it and it has to push everything back out.


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Seriously dude? :shrug: you're still here doing this shit?

I don't think the MAGA brigade would ever willingly change their perspective, or want to think differently.
Which is a problem - because if you're not open to new ideas, new concepts, or new ways to proceed, then you're stuck in place. A relic of the past, basically.
To implement new ideas, new concepts, and new ways to proceed, you need to first fuck off a deeply rooted establishment which is what Trump actually started to do, and the War mongering radical left Communists didn't like it, they are averse to any change to their "system" which is why they continue to propagandize non thinkers. Your mindset just contradicted itself to a reality! Who do you think is truly "stuck in a place" ? I would say those who refuse to want to make America a great place? and would rather stay stuck in a hole while the country dives deeper into the shit.
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