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Short Bussed

That was a very interesting story. Although a less popular SK,definately a very mission oriented and successful killer.He was very brazen in the fact that he could snatch a victim at the drop of a dime,in a very public place,in broad daylight.Very fast paced.It goes to show that,the most obvious,is often the most unseen.Wilder knew that the clock was ticking,once the involved.Wilder maintained control, til the very end.Even controlling his own fate of death.It is amazing,how women could read about this story and still fall for the very same tricks of deception.Why?They think that this could never happen to them.For example,how many women would refuse a ride on a Harley? ;)
It is a shame, to me that, nobody found, this case interesting.......Wilder, was one of the best, Australian imports, since Fosters and Vegimite, LOLs !!!!!!

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